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Default Re: Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to the GAC2012

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Dr not a gynaecologist but wish I were Mike! It was so lovely to meet you on the weekend! You swept me off my feet at the dinner! (no, really folks, he DID!) It was great that you could make the cross country trek & hopefully we can grab a beer the next time I'm visiting Perth or you're back in Melbourne. Cheers!
Cool that is all the information that I need to place you; thanks you for that. Not sure what happened but from memory the dinner seemed to last only 30mins either that or I only have about about 30mins worth of memories. I think I may have drank far to much. Also I think you're right I'd probably not enjoy gyno much at all. Many things seem good from a distance but not so much close up! I'm glad I have the rest of this week off as I am in no condition to go to work atm.
It was lovely to meet you riddlemethis hopefully you'll not have the good sense to avoid me next time.
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