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Smile Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to the GAC2012

Well I'm on the plane heading back to Perth and will be posting this when I get home. Yesterday I was sad that such an awesome weekend was coming to an end. Today I'm thinking that I may not have been able to manage another day. I'm tired and a little fraying at the edges from the long lecture days. I suppose it is possible that it was nothing to do with the totally awe inspiring lectures and may have been caused by the late nights and obscene alcohol consumption.
The chance to hear live and even though so extremely briefly speak with some truly inspiring people who are famed even outside of our far to small world of Atheism is clearly a chance for bragging rights. However, even more than this was the opportunity to meet with people who I have only known through their wonderful and incisive posts on the AFA forums. People that despite never knowing anything about me not only made me feel like a long lost friend but also as someone whose views are neither abnormal, absurd or abhorrent. I do not know if others also feel that their views are unwelcome by what seems like a far to large portion of the world. For me it was so hugely refreshing and invigorating and at the same time relaxing to be with people that seemed happy to hear what I had to say. Whether they agreed or not I guess is another matter.
In closing I would like to thank everyone for making the whole weekend a time that like the birth of my children and my marriage to a wonderful woman will rank as one of best times of my life. Thank you all so very much. Please please please can people remind me of their forum and real life names so I can remember who I've met I am having little issue with the scary ones .
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