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Default Re: could you kill?

Hmm.. it's always interesting to aknowlege your first, visceral reaction to a dilema like this, and mine was no, I couldn't. But that's sitting here, sipping my organic brewed coffee, eating pawpaw and being relaxed as it's humanly possible to be.

I assume it would be different with the sounds ad the smells and the fear in the reality of this situation.

If I am brutally honest, I would probabaly try to emotionally manipulate someone else in the party ito doing it, thus assuaging my guilt and still surviving.

If I were to ever kill someone, I think it would have to be an instantaneous thing, a hind-brain flight-or-fight thing. I don't think I could calmly and premeditatedly walk up to someone and slit their throats.

Having said that, I'm of mediterranean extraction, so I'm big on revenge.
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