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Default Re: New website urges Australians to Keep Religion Out of Politics

I think this campaign is a great idea and a much needed kick to make people think about what box they're ticking. Unfortunately, I honestly don't think the message is going to get driven home just from the signs/billboards. It's too easy to dismiss as "some atheist thing". What the campaign really needs is discussion. Make people actually think about it.

What I'd like to suggest is, firstly, raise money to commission a polling company to poll random people with the following (or similar) questions:
1. What religion are you likely to tick for this year's Census?
(if anything other than "no religion", then we keep going)
2. Do you believe everything this religion tells you?
3. Do you strongly disagree with any of the policies of this religion for things such as Voluntary Euthenasia, Abortion, Gay Marriage, or other hot political topic?
4. How many times this year have you attended a church of your religion?
5. Do you regularly pray to your chosen god?

Now, the results from this poll *should* reveal that 80% of people will be ticking a religion box, but only 10% attend church or regularly pray to their god, and probably some 60%+ disagree with their religion's doctrine on hot political topics. After the poll is revealed, we can forward it on to various media outlets for publication, although I suspect many will avoid it.

What the aim of this is, is to get discussion happening. If we can get a big enough polling sample, I think this would make a great show of Q&A. I would simply love to see the religious representatives try and argue against this campaign on live TV. Would they try and say that you don't actually have to agree with everything they say.. just tick the box anyway

If we can get this campaign discussed on Q&A, I think the other media outlets might be forced to pick up the story, making even more people actually think about the question. I'm sure the religious nutters will utterly embarrass themselves while trying to argue against it.
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