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Default Re: Why income/wealth equality is getting worse

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One very easy way to eliminate overtime and still have workers needing to work 50 hours or more a week to survive requires cooperation across the economy. If two employers each employ a worker on 50 hours per week they have to pay a large amount of overtime. The problem for the employer can be solved if they each agree to employ both workers for 25 hours each per week. Thus the problem of overtime is eliminated. of course it requires extra travel time by the workers but that is an externality.
Its really brilliant.
Superannuation and sick pay, maternity leave and so on can be discarded (illegally of course) by simply having the worker as a subcontractor with an ABN.

Edit if this seems cynical, all we have to do to the above to reflect the current reality is to take out the requirement for an agreement between two employers and simply recognise that this is the new normal status quo in the economy generally.
Are you aware of the fair work act and various industry awards and agreements?

I'm not an employer and i'm all in for improving the income, conditions and benefits of basic wage and casual workers but in my view this vaguely Marxist ideological bullshit impedes more than improves. It's waffle, mate.
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