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Default Re: Why income/wealth equality is getting worse

MikeJay said View Post
Do you mean equality of opportunity or equality of outcome?
I think it depends on scope.

if you are looking at a given individual, I don't think is makes sense to speak of equality of outcome. there is too much variability that a given individual represents (as compared to another) to make equality of outcome a realistic goal, even if you thought it was desirable.

if you are looking at populations, these variations wash out. so you could say - for instance - that you want equality of outcome of wages between genders, and these are usually attainable, at least in theory. I also think that it does not make sense to speak of equality of opportunity in these cases. what does it actually mean that 'women' have an equal opportunity of wages to 'men'. 'women' as a collective don't apply for jobs or work in them. individual women do.

I think we can all agree that we GENERALLY want equality of opportunity at an individual level and equality of outcome at the group level. I also think that the former is the best way to get to the latter.

there are ofcourse situations where neither is desirable or sensible.
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