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Default Re: How Do You Ascertain Intelligence?

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So for example a computer may be perceived as being smarter than a human - because even though it has an extraordinarily low intellect - it has a much superior processing speed. If it had the same processing speed as a human it would definitely look much dumber.
humm... I agree with you. Computer speeds are ever improving, and if it's too slow, hook up 2, 3 or more together. If we were able to program them exactly like a humans thought and learning process, then they'd surpass us.

However on another note. I just realised that, we could (don't know if it's possible) also be slow because of the additional real world info which we need to process together with the simple instructions. Like running Windows XP. Lots of stuff happening in the background which we don't see.

Then of course there's the problem of human laziness, and the refusal to think. That gives computers an edge over us.
Somethings are not as clear as religion.

Those who care, already knows. Those Who don't know never would want to know. Therefore to think has no benefit but to self??
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