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I see the alt-right comments are on full in most of the articles about the AG sacking by Trump, one even went so far as to say, and I quote, "I am employed to do whatever my boss tells me to do." Of course leaving out the bit about "within the rule of law and common decency" says a lot about the commenter. They seem to think that whatever Trump tells them to do should be done if you are an employee of the US government, regardless of ethics, morals or common decency or even rule of law.

I applaud the stand of the AG, even if it did get her fired. She can stand proud that she stood up for what is right. We will see how it does with the new AG! I know that if my boss told me to do something unethical or illegal
I would refuse, this is being looked down upon by Trump supporters as being akin to being a traitor and they are calling for her to be tried for treason, good luck with that.



Firstly, the useful idiots are already there paving the way for tyranny. If we wonder how places ever submitted to it, this is how - by people declaring their president/pm free to dictate law even when it's expressly not their position.

And the Sessions questioning is mighty amusing. I hope that is repeated to him in his own interview.
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