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Default Re: 20 million people without food

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I suppose that is why Robert Mugabe has lasted so long. I think most folks would recognise the guy is a bastard, but at least he is their bastard, and not some foreign bastard.
Very aptly put DB, it's far better to be oppressed by someone you know than someone you don't know because knowing why someone is oppressing you is important! That foreign bugger from overseas, nobody has any idea what he's after, but the boss here, he's just another bloody ******* (insert name of different tribe here).

In Africa it's all tribalism because cutting them all up into different nations didn't really make it go away, it's just they could all focus on johnny foreigner as the enemy, take johnny foreigner out of the picture and it all reverts to tribes even of they are part of the same country.

Europe went though that a long time ago and sorted it out, sort of, but we marched in and never gave Africa a chance to sort it out. Yes I know I am a cynical bugger. The question we need to ask ourselves is, do we still owe them?
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