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Default Re: 20 million people without food

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This needs a thread.

I dont know what to say and i dont know what to do. I dont have much cash to give and i dont even know where i'd give it.

Does anyone have any information or suggestions regarding what is the best thing for individual people her in oz to do?
Like what?
The phrase, "every ripple in the creates its own wave" sounds nice, but really... What can one do to help? (Basically SFA).

I hear similar pleading from some friends who have guilt about the impoverished in (pick one), India, South America, south east Asia, etc... And that we have a moral responsibility to help those in need.
As I do not recall siring those masses, I do not feel personally responsible for them.

There is mass migration to Europe, which seems correlated with chaos in Africa (and chaos in the Middle East).
There should be plenty of worthy causes closer to home... in Australia. This could be even be doing some good in Melbourne.

Or the maybe it is just that the good lord just works in strange ways to bring population in alignment with resources?

If you really feel you need to make an impact, then I would suggest a funding a well, as water is one of their main problems.
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