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The only boos I have heard at either convention were towards audience members who had an obvious agenda when asking questions to speakers, especially those asking questions of Richard Dawkins. I seriously doubt an audience would boo Julia Gillard.
You forgot that we boo'ed the Christians and Muslims who were protesting outside the GAC I can imagine the audience reaction if she were asked in detail her opposition to Gay marriage, why she thinks that every child should learn the Bible, why she thinks it is a good idea to fund religious education in schools, her views on seperation on church and state, and so on. In fact I would pay triple entry price to watch Sam Harris demolish her on these points. In total contrast to everyone who spoke at the GAC, she speaks gobbledegook and gives the appearance of obfuscating questions rather than answering them.

She is an atheist, and her views are more conservative than her party platform. How can there be any other explanation other than political expediency?
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