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Default Re: My De-conversion Story

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Oh, I hope so.
No doubt, methinks. Once learning starts, it's hard to turn off, even if one wants to.
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Apart from learning to read, write and count, an education at a private Christian school is completely useless. While it's probably impractical to ban them, they should receive no government funding whatsoever and they should be taxed. They should be forced to teach evolution and proper basic science on pain of being fined or shut down.
One would hope that the requirements of a National Curriculum would mitigate against some of those excesses. For example, from the Year 10 version:
Biological sciences

The transmission of heritable characteristics from one generation to the next involves DNA and genes (ACSSU184)

The theory of evolution by natural selection explains the diversity of living things and is supported by a range of scientific evidence (ACSSU185)
Still no cause for complacency, I acknowledge.
*Gods* are not only a legal fiction, but a fiction in every way. Just ask the nearest hippie...
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