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Default Re: Xtian Group Only Wants People With THEIR Mental Affliction

I remember a Sunday night church service at a northern Sydney Baptist church in 1984 where the minister talked about this happening. I was visiting family friends for the weekend, and had gone to the service with them.

This minister had been out west on a mission visiting and preaching around the place. This man's delusion told him was at another level when fighting the imaginary forces of Satan(This is the bloke who held girls down by their shoulders and screamed that they cannot be a christian without talking in tongues). He told the story that he was preaching one evening, when a demon possessed drunk Aboriginal lady ran into the church screaming in anguish. He then bragged how he ordered the evil creature to leave the church. He basically abused her until she left.

This was a bit much for me, so at the end of the service I made a commotion as I marched my way to the front of the line of people shaking the preachers hand. In as loud voice I asked what happened next, and as this lady was obviously looking for help, did he do as Jesus taught and seek her out with compassion to see if he could help? I can still remember holding his hand as tight as I could, everyone was watching, and he had nothing to say.

I could not believe the congregation accepted this guy's attitude, and simply ignored the bad parts. A church asking for legislation to be evil toward the mentally ill seems at odd's with the Jesus they present. Besides, they just need to call it religious discrimination due to demons, or whatever, and then there should not be a problem.
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