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Default Xtian Group Only Wants People With THEIR Mental Affliction

Christian lobby FamilyVoice calls for exemption to discriminate against mentally ill

A national Christian group is lobbying for the Disability Discrimination Act to be changed so that it can discriminate against people with mental illnesses, on the basis they could upset the "sacred" nature of church services.

FamilyVoice has called for a religious exemption to the Act, arguing it interferes with freedom of religion.

In a submission to a federal parliamentary inquiry on freedom of belief, FamilyVoice said a person with a mental illness had the potential to interfere with a church service.

"For very good reasons a religion may not wish to engage a person who has a mental illness and displays disturbed behaviour," the submission read.

"Such behaviour would adversely affect a church service, which is sacred in nature.

"A simple provision should be added for an exemption from the act for persons ... whose conscientious beliefs do not allow them to comply."
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