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Default Re: The End of Bullying

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With all due respect, I perceive the mind as a result of material things taking action within the brain, therefore I fail to see how a part of me can be considered 'un-material'.
I understand that and this is the currently accepted scientific explanation for the "mind".
Just to clarify your position...Do you consider the mind to be 'something other than' the result of material things within the brain taking action?
I do believe that the mind can exist without the body as a requirement. Do I have "hard" evidence for this? No. However, there are anecdotal stories of people on the operating table that are clinically dead with no electrical activity, no hearbeat and no breathing that have come back and been able to relate details of what was said and done during the time of clinical death of the patient. Not hard evidence but interesting nonetheless.

I don't intend to defend my position nor convince anyone else of it but I do believe the mind can function separately to the body even though they are currently intricately intertwined with each one being able to affect the other.
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