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Default Swearing the Oath on the Sacred Holy Bible

Yesterday my brother and I attended the solicitor doing the probate work on our mum's will.

Spying the black bible on the desk I remarked 'is that a Bible?'

"Yes, you are required to take the oath attesting that that is your signature on the probate forms and you are one of those persons identified therein as executor of your mother's will."

Something to that effect.

I ejaculated, "I'm an atheist."

"Oh well you can fill out a declaration form."

My brother said, "Just do it."

So I just did. I went along with the farce of holding the sacred book in my right hand, invoking Almighty God, the Yahweh of the fucking repugnant Bible.

But I'm no backslider.

And if only they knew what I know.

I should have said, 'Have you actually read it'? Just sayin'.

For my sake the Oath is to protect me from arbitrary charges of perjury. In the sacred ritual we are affirming and enforcing the norms of public and personal probity and integrity in these legal deliberations.

'All a bit weird. Do people generally lie and cheat unless they've sworn an oath not to'?
Originally posted by sneekymum

'Not usually but it is far easier to charge you with perjury if you lie in an oath than to prove the other behaviours'.
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We can know something only if it is both true and knowable, Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman, 2011.
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