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Default Re: The Exorcist''s Tale

THIS on Reddit, is a true tale of attempted exorcism, told by a femal (then) student, in the USA.

I really want Leviathan to be true. I want the information to stun me, to strike me to be true. And it needs to be true. The first mention of Leviathan needs to ring through my mind and send jolts of energy through my arms and legs. The kind of sad energy that a person feels when they get the news a loved one has died. The first wave of adrenaline bursts behind their kneecaps and they fall to the floor, too weak to stand, and what they feel is the first shock of mourning. I need that. I need the spiritual knowledge that only God can see and tell, to stun and devastate me to tears, so that I can weep and weep to the point of exhaustion and defeat and emptiness and brokenness. The word, “Leviathan,” has to bring me to the end of myself so that God can use the people around me, so that I’ll be so open, the smallest phrase will seer my heart and set me free. Only then will I feel it, the lifting off of one tentacle, then another, then another…The process can take hours, all night even. And my friends here, will witness my release. They’ll feel it and see it “in the Spirit.” My tears and gulps will heighten, I might even wail and heave from relief. I need that. Leviathan needs to be true so that I can leave this room normal.
I lay there. I try to get into character, get into the spirit of the whole she-bang. I try to concentrate. I want this.
You can read the whole thing.

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