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Default Re: Atheism is not enough?

Goldenmane said View Post
For my money? It's often people who literally have no desire to understand anything, but adopt the atheist label because they feel it frees them from moral or ethical obligation.

We were a little too effective in demonstrating that you don't need god to live a happy and fulfilled life, and now there's a bunch of arseholes to have it all backwards and assume that calling themselves atheists means that they are Very Smart(TM) and deserve to be happy.
I dispute such folks are atheists or agnostics anyway, the proper label might well be apathist.

Of course, religions almost always love apathists, because they don't make trouble. They, by and large, accept religious morals, unless they become too oppressive, and sometimes not even then. Apathiest are all too easily swayed by authoritarian, or even extremist views when the pressure is on. eg Nazi Germany.

IMHO, all religions are in fact political parties. With one difference, they automatically get their mandate to govern [or at least influence] the state by fiat of god or the spirit world.

This claim to privilege, so ingrained in human cultures, gives the religious party, if in the majority, a dual source of mandate. This "double-dipping" is the new threat present in democratic systems.

So in essence, not that much has changed since the days of feudalism. In the days of feudalism, authority derived from divine right, enforced by the material sword. It is hard to fight city hall because one is not only deemed rebel, but a heretic also.

But now, the apathist, who was no problem for the church, is now dumped in our laps. And we are blamed for it.

Feudalism has morphed into global corporatism, and the power of the state in waning. I think it is no coincidence that the "new-right" and the churches will often make good bedfellows. It remains to be seen if this is permanent, but for now, global corporatism and religion have similar goals, to capture, or at least control, the apathist.
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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