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Default Re: The Wisdom of the Ancients/ Ancestor Worship

The Irreverent Mr Black said View Post
@DBD: I used to do a theological party trick, in which I proved that the ol' dick-obsessed sky-fairy:
* Loved BBQs,
* Didn't like veges,
* Preferred his steak fatty, salted, and well-done*,
* Was into KFC,
* Didn't need Tom Cruise or Sam Kekovich to be up for a lamb roast,
* Had a kink for burnt poo,
* Didn't mind a lamb parmigiana,
* Used buns for his barby stuff,
* Was into popcorn.....

And a whole lot more.

*Also, the Aw-matey Gawd is a prime risk for heart disease.
That's assuming he had a heart! Why does he have a thing about popcorn?
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