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Default Re: 5 Stages of Religious Evolution

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That's why I don't think religions can be said to evolve, there are many religions that no longer exist as religions, just as ancient fairy tales, but given the right people and circumstances these religions could be revived, ok it may be unlikely for many, but it could happen. In other words if there were no more monkeys, (not saying people evolved from monkey but a hypothetical you understand) you wouldn't expect monkeys to re-evolve by "backward evolution" as it were from more developed forms. Oh you might eventually, given enough time have a species evolve that resembled a monkey, but they wouldn't be monkeys. However you could conceivably see ancient religions re-established because they are ideas and ideas can be discarded and adopted depending on the society.

In other words religions don't go extinct, they go out of style, like old 80's jeans, and like old 80's jeans they are rarely forgotten and often get looked back on with nostalgia, they can come back in style depending on the direction society takes.
Well over 99% of all species on the planet have gone extinct. Extinction is a part of evolution. It isn't all beer and skittles.

And even if a religious group goes extinct, a lot of the time religious memes continue on in other faiths. The Genesis story in the Bible was pinched from earlier stories and of course Jesus-like characters were not unique [Horus etc].

Creationists have revived the idea of animism, which is [at least in theory] no longer a part of official religious doctrines for the major Abrahamic faiths.
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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