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Default Re: 5 Stages of Religious Evolution

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But they are not better adapted to their environment... It is artificial selection, not natural.
The social animal [including humans] have to serve two masters: the "reality" of [perceived] nature, and the "reality" of social constructions [like religion].

The bias in nature for social animals is to give a high default value to social info over individual perceptions. This seems to hold true from bumble bees to humans. Religion thrives on this trait.

Quorum sensing really.

Well adjusted individuals find some sort of compromise, even at the cost of some loss of reality. They either compartmentalise, or suffer from cognitive dissonance.

Social info is "meant" to generally be of net worth to the group, and hence by extension, to the average individual. Which is why it is selected for on the biological level, and generally reinforced at the cultural level.

Probably wise, despite being vulnerable to parasitic memes like religion, because individuals of course, can have delusions, interpret data wrongly etc due to some environmental factor [parasite altering behaviour] or developmental anomaly etc.

So consensus is often, but not always right. Hence the strong attachment that many people have to argumentum ad populum.
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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