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Default Re: Media Release: It Could Happen Here. Donít Let It.

I was wondering about this, actually.

Specifically, the various laws and statutes regarding Church/State separation and related topics here in Aus. I know far more about the subject with regards the US, which doesn't serve our purposes.

Can we get a legal mind or two in here to discuss this stuff? We need to dispense knowledge if we're to combat this foolishness.

If we can get a legal mind or two to contribute, I'd like to propose a new podcast modelled on Opening Arguments, but specifically devoted to Australian law. It would be a good way to distribute information regarding the challenges we face and the appropriate interpretations of the legal issues and approaches involved.

Yeah, I know. I'm normally the comic relief and not worth taking seriously. But I'm taking this shit more seriously than I ever have before, and I'm willing to step the fuck up.

So. Thoughts? I know we have more than one legal mind in our ranks.

Edit: Maybe I should make this its own thread.
-Geoff Rogers


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