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Default Re: Media Release: It Could Happen Here. Donít Let It.

That City of Casey story I found in The Age is crazy.
We have the odd street preacher here that I hold to task given the opportunity.
But sanctioned mall chaplains, that's nuts. Any chance they can get to get onto children while the parents stand by, not really knowing, but thinking oh that's nice.
The more vocal atheists the better. One can not stand by knowing it's nonsense and doing nothing. Don't expect everyone to know it's nonsense. Atheists are fighting against 2000 years of pro religious BS propaganda. Don't underestimate it's hold on the non church going average person.
While this is a supposed new bible belt of Melbourne my concern and focus is not on the devout christians but those who are sold that Christianity is a good thing or at the very least not a bad thing. Well, it's actually a cancer on society. From experience a lot more can be gained by talking to a hundred fence sitters that a handful of religious nutters.

You are right, it can happen here and atheists need to jump on those tentacles that seek to poison everyones mind.
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