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Default Re: atheism & freemasonry - can they coexist?

Kid said View Post
I'm here! alive! didn't get chopped up....
Well I did pray for you Kid and here you are...mmm what can we make of that?

In regard to freemasons, I'm not taking a high stand on the issue because of what you and Sharpie have informed me about them.

I said I wouldn't want to be a part of a group where I had to hide my atheism but in fact I have. My kids went to YMCA events (although religion was never mentioned) and when I was a young girl I was working out west QLD (starved for entertainment) so I joined the CWAA to learn how to bake stuff. Before every meeting they said a prayer. I lowered my head and thought about yummy lamingtons. If asked, I was C of E (well mum was). So basically I lied for cake and buns...may I be struck down with a yeast complaint
If you fail to meet the repayments on your exorcism...are you repossessed?

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