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Default Re: atheism & freemasonry - can they coexist?

I'm here! alive! didn't get chopped up....

Mr Black...hi...the symbolism in Freemasonry is just that, and it is known as that; you can't take it literally and possibly confuse it for real life; as you know beforehand that it is symbolism and nothing else, unlike the church that teaches its symbolism as 'literal truth'. Freemasonry is not a religion and it doesn't require that you give over your entire thought to it, that is, your independent thought like the church does. The rituals are known as rituals and no one confuses them for actuality. They are too obviously symbolic for those who have been initiated. The Freemasonry rituals are actually highly fascinating, ancient and require a lot of memory skills to go through the different degrees. Overall, there's nothing sinister going on, like a lot of journalistic investigators have tried to imply in the past (lots of conspiracy books about them by very spurious authors); symbols and understanding their meaning are a part of all our lives, only the Masons have enshrined it to an art form, I believe, from what I've seen of my husband's books.
He didn't lie to get into his lodge in England, he well...just bullshitted them a quote Elwood from the Blues Brothers...

in fact, just a few years ago the local masons in my area donated a cheque for 20,000 dollars to our children's hospital. I've yet to see the catholic church, who hates them so much, make out a cheque like that in donation. I don't think the masons are in any way discriminatory, and I don't care, as a woman, that I can't join. I believe everyone is entitled to their own clubs and associations etc... they're a good bunch of blokes!
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