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But davo - doesn't pulling a switch to run a train over someone constitute taking an active involvement in killing them?

I mean if you just went and did it without the people on the other track, it would be murder 1...

Yes, but there are people on the other track, regardless of what the State decides, those would be my actions, as they would be right to me

As I mentioned these 'ethical dilemmas' aren't really so, as they avoid all the nuances of a situation, I played along with the '2 basic choices you have' and what I would do, but in reality I would look for any way to avoid anyone getting hurt, I might even just freeze and freak out. Who knows unless you in that situation? So really, ethical dilemmas presented like this are more games than anything else.

As to what is 'right', as I mentioned, us being social animals, my actions lean toward saving as many as I could from the situation.

The second situation, the right thing for me to do is not try and judge something I don't understand and kill someone for that.
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