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As stated in Dawkins GD the person on the siding is not being used to save the lives of the five, it is the siding that is being used. Satisfactorily handled as long as you don't read further and compound the thought experiment with more if's.
The same type of thing happened on HMS Ashanti about 30 years ago or more. The engine room caught fire and nearly every one was out so that steam drenching could take place and save the ship. However, there were still a number of sailors still in the engine room and the captain ordered the hatch closed, locked and steam drenching to take place. It saved the ship and remainder of the crew. The thing is, the sailors that had to close the hatch and lock it in place were still there when they heard the knocking on the hatch as the steam drenching took place. Imagine that, would you as one of the sailors have taken the chance, disobeyed orders and opened the hatch and possibly sacrificed the ship and other crew members. Or, would you have let the captain wear the guilt. No, I wasn't there on Ashanti but I received the Mayday.

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