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Other than the obvious 'wouldn't the workers see the train' etc etc etc these types of ethical dilemmas are not really accurate, unless you are in the situation. They are fun to talk about tho

I'd just bring out my plank of carneades +3 and float away

The first dilemma is one that I would want more to survive the situation than one, the fact that we could intervene in a situation and save 6 people compared to one.

The second dilemma takes active involvement in the killing someone, to save others, I don't think I could choose that as I couldn't bring myself to do it, the family etc etc, I could be wrong, have no knowledge of medicine so don't know really what can be done just going by the words of others etc etc.

really however, as the situation and all the nuances are not presented, along with the stress of the situation, this is just an interesting mind game
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