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Default Re: Please present a compelling explanation why naturalism is true

jireh said View Post
A Faith Statement might be as follows:
I have complete, non-negotiable FAITH in the following tenets:
· Faith that the supreme intelligence in the universe is me, embodied in my mind.
· Faith that the appearances of design are false.
· Faith that the first life self-assembled from warm chemicals in goo.
· Faith that the universe is a self-induced, random occurrence.
· Faith that a “multiverse” that we can’t see is a rationale for a random universe producing life (Anthropic principle is false).
· Faith that my mind is an assembly of random mutations, with no actual purpose beyond survival of the fittest. (A Meat Machine). Even so, it is the supreme intelligence in the universe.
· Faith that the brain and the mind are one thing, inseparable.
· Faith that there is no intelligence in DNA.
· Faith that if I can’t sense it, it does not exist. (No metaphysical existence).
· Faith that empiricism is the one and only true path to all-encompassing Truth and Enlightenment.
· Faith in Evolution, which is unquestionable; it is non-negotiable truth. See “Heresy”, below.
· Faith that, because Evolution is non-negotiable truth, life has no meaning.
· Faith that after death there are only worms.
Jireh has a lot of faith in straw men.

Meanwhile Jireh, do you have an answer to this:
Xeno said View Post
Please provide us with a detailed explanation of how your god created morality, or life, or the universe, step by step. Thanks..
other than this?
Jireh said
I believe in the God of the bible. The bible does not go into details, so i cannot provide you details either. Neither do i think that is a relevant question. Relevant is just to know, that the God of the bible created everything.
If that is your position, then I agree that you see nothing beyond faith in whatever takes your fancy, and have nothing to contribute to the questions you purport to raise.
There are no good arguments for gods.
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