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Default Re: Pet insurance in case of rapture

Hey...Mr Black...Hi!!!

Yes.. as I stated in the other forum, and on interviews all over the country (US) and in Oz, My partner saw a UK ad for a similar service. We laughed. Then we perfected it.

Thus far we have had over 4 million hits, according to Go Daddy. We get 300 emails a day requesting jobs as pet rescuers; irate christians blasting us; and of course a few evangelical takers...the exact number is secret

Its been a blast! It's specially been good for my book's sale The Atheist Camel Chronicles which I advertise on the site!!

It's been reviewed in Open Parachutes, one of NZ's biggest blogs:

And on

Available from for Aussie readers , where since July it's been ll in the top 30 atheist themed books out of 70,000 such books

G'day to you guys... and remember.. "DON'T keep the faith."
Yours in Reason,
aka Dromedary Hump
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