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Default Re: The Unfounded Certainty of Kimsland

kimsland said View Post
"The Unfounded Certainty of Kimsland" ?
And I'm in the Fantasy Island' sub forum.
Yeah. You're here because you've done nothing but make unsupported assertions, most of them almost certainly demonstrably bullshit (if only you'd show your fucking work) since you got here. The Island is where people get to hang out if all they can seem to do is rectally vent.

And for those who are wondering what my point is here on I am trying to discuss that an Atheist is right.
No, actually, you aren't. Or at least, you might be trying, but you are failing dismally. Fuck, you even give 'atheist' a capital 'A', as if that is somehow meaningful. And then you can't, seemingly, distinguish between 'not believing in god/s' and 'believing god/s don't exist'. Your arguments, if they reflect what you actually think, label you as just as much religious as those poor benighted fuckwits from Answers in Genesis. If you'd like to know why this is the case, feel free to ask. I'm happy to educate you, but I get the impression that you don't actually have the faintest ability to understand how fucking wrong you are.

So far I have been met with brick walls, from members asking me to prove myself!

Even though this is extremely easy, I mean I could post any resource anywhere, I'm thinking something from Rational Response Squad (one of my other attended forums) may be applicable here.
Oh, goody. For one thing, the RRS isn't here, and dropping names like that is about as useful as tits on a bull. It's fucking meaningless, and no-one gives much of a shit about the RRS since they jumped the fucking shark a couple of years ago anyway, so I don't know why you'd bother pulling them out as an example. It's almost like you have nothing to offer.

For another thing, you don't actually bother to provide any support for your claims, you just claim that you can. Here's an idea: pull your head out of your arse and actually fucking present some support for your ludicrous bullshit. Someone might actually start to pay attention.

Google, incidentally, suggests that we aren't the first group of people to not give two shits about whatever ignorant fuckery you feel bounden to shout.

By the way, are there any Atheists here?
With a capital 'A', who behave like you? I fucking hope not. Plenty of atheists, though.

I would really like to know before telling the world to avoid this site.
Ah, now that's absolute gold. Can we play that game? I like that game. It's fucking stupidly stupid, and immense fun. You threaten to tell the world to avoid this site (because you say so, for whatever reason) and then I point out two things: 1) Nobody gives the first of two shits what you have to say on the matter; and
2) I'll fucking match you, because at least three people pay attention to me without coercion.

Actually, it''s more than 3, but three will do. You do know that the key to making a threat is having the means to carry it out, right? I mean, you can tell the world anything you want, but if the world doesn't give a flying fuck about anything you have to say, then there's no threat, is there? It's like telling me you're going to smother me to death with Supergirl's breasts. You don't have the ability to smother me, Supergirl (probably) doesn't exist, and no-one in the entire world 'could possibly care less.

I'll bet you five bucks you don't manage to address this post line-by-line.
-Geoff Rogers


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