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Default Exposition on Rule #3

Because apparently there are some out there who insist on playing monkey-fuck with very simple concepts, in order to pursue some rather incoherent and plainly idiotic agendas, I'm going to explain something.

Something very. Fucking. Simple.

Something that should not need a gods-damned explanation, because it's as obvious as an elephant-turd on the kitchen table.

Goldenmane's Third Rule of Public Discourse often known as Rule # fucking 3 is swear a lot, not call people names. There's a fundamental motherfucking difference, and an inability to grasp this is a singular demonstration that you don't understand the essential point to Rule #3.

Rule #3 is intended to be an example of highlighting intellectual laziness and magical thinking. Swearing, or rather the very fact that it is possible for people to think certain words are magically bad in and of themselves, is irrational bullshit, and no basis for people getting all fucking huffy.

This is completely different to actually attacking someone, rather than ideas. The notion of 'swearing = bad' is an idea, and a bloody silly one. Rule #3 doesn't even speak to personal attacks and calling people names, although personal attacks and calling people names are both in themselves examples of shitty thinking.

You can't use a tool which highlights shitty thinking to excuse shitty thinking. That's fucktardery of the first degree.
-Geoff Rogers


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