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Cool Re: atheism & freemasonry - can they coexist?

Well really, I find the concept of a pyramid scheme rather amusing, in fact I once had 2 men - infact stand at my door; dress as badly made out transsexuals brandishing a baseball bat and a crow bar, and threatenly menanced that I had to join the free masons.

I gave them a fake pseduo name - simon anthony roberts. From that moment on I was arrested, charged and several time imprisons in brain jail under this false name. Infact I went to QLD and lived as they saw fit and still for the first time in that town the fake name still was in occurance.

Personally when you find groups like that which are ment to be "secret" posting autonomously with nanoscience sites like something is trying to be "above top secret" on a global scale (the community effort site for this).. I find a bemusement in the scale of how bad a pyramid scheme like that is; especially with building like the one on castlereigh (I think) that looks like an upside down phalyic representation of...

It is something like this when they have single-handed themselves a corruption red tape line in the basis of emails containing the wrong name details and completely flawed psychoanalysis of myself (I did do quiet a few years acting classes).. Which make my time in australia quiet amusing.

Personally I don't think with a flaw like the on of ancient egyptions and pyramid schemes which walked themselves out of existence in a basis of deity and the supernatural - the ground you walk needs to be solid or you will fall through it, basis of none factual reporting systems as you can see means that there is no foundation to start with, it is a rigger of supisticion

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