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strontiumdogg 18th September 2015 05:25 PM

The warm embrace of reason!
Why would anyone want to believe in the God of the Christian bible? I couldn't think of a more petty, malicious individual! Terrible man!
Hello, this is my first post! I'm very lucky in that I never had a very religious upbringing, a rare thing in 1970's Aberdeen, Scotland, a small city with even smaller minded people (sometimes). I was also lucky to be born with a sceptical mind, so never really believed in God, fairies, unicorns etc. Then a few years ago I read The God Delusion, and a lot of vague, nebulous ideas about reason and science which had been bouncing around in my head became crystallised...
And now I am cursed, as a 99.99% atheist (always have to allow for scientific error!) to be constantly bewildered, bemused and often frustrated by politicians, so called scientists and influential others who insist on spouting off about "their faith" as if this nonsense is their exclusive property (don't you dare question it!), and the rest of us are supposed to take their beliefs seriously! At last I feel I am surrounded by friends...
It was starting to get lonely feeling forced by an increasingly ridiculous, superstitious, christian fascisistic (is that a word? Christian fascists, you get the idea, oppose marriage equality, pro life, anti choice, spoil everyone's fun, yeah that mob) society to keep my common sense ideas to myself!
Happy to join the AFA and hope to contribute to the forums.
Grab a pair of binoculars or small telescope and look at the full moon on a clear night. Why would you need magic when this is magic enough?

wolty 18th September 2015 05:50 PM

Re: The warm embrace of reason!
Hiya, welcome to the forums. :thumbsup:

Logic please 18th September 2015 06:56 PM

Re: The warm embrace of reason!
Hi and welcome to the forum SD. :)
Thanks for a fine intro post. [emoji106] Hope you enjoy the community. :)

Darwinsbulldog 18th September 2015 07:31 PM

Re: The warm embrace of reason!
Welcome SD! :thumbsup:

bruce1937 18th September 2015 08:44 PM

Re: The warm embrace of reason!
Glad you could join us.

robertkd 18th September 2015 09:07 PM

Re: The warm embrace of reason!
Hello strontiumdogg and welcome. I put the belief thing down to marketing.

joele 18th September 2015 10:36 PM

Re: The warm embrace of reason!
yes a frustrating world at times..

welcome to the forum.

ausGeoff 19th September 2015 04:36 AM

Re: The warm embrace of reason!
G'day strontiumdogg, and welcome to the forum.

Hopefully that 99.99% will soon become 100%... :)

odd 19th September 2015 07:46 AM

Re: The warm embrace of reason!
Hello sd. - welcome! I enjoyed the intro post.

Strato 19th September 2015 11:13 AM

Re: The warm embrace of reason!
Hello strontiumdogg, welcome.

robertkd is right about the marketing. The numbers make it look like the thing to belong to. Those numbers are declining, even in the USA.

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