View Full Version : Any live audio or video streams on Melb convention?

11th February 2010, 11:37 AM
Hi All.

I am a new subscriber here.
I and my partner have travelled extensively and lived in numerous interesting cultures and have realised that Science is one of the few intelligent conditions that place light in the darkness of unknowns.

On the Melbourne Convention in March. I like most of us have tried to get to Melb for the convention but missed out on the tickets etc.

Does anyone know of any live or podcasts audio/video streaming of the events and discussions taking place. I think that the ABC.net.au maybe doing some via the podcasts but I am unable to find out what & where such streaming is taking place, for those of use unable to physically attend.


11th February 2010, 08:06 PM
Usually recording the event is not allowed, but I will certainly be posting on my blog and twitter as things roll. If I get my act together I will also try to interview people for our newly started podcast.