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29th June 2011, 08:36 PM
some guy says the burqa should be banned because a guy can carry a bomb under it


whos to say he cant have a bomb in a normal backpack. If the burqa is to be banned it should be banned on the basis of what it stands for, that women are vile and need to cover up. It IS oppresion and I sit and shake my head at the dumb bitches that willingly convert into the joke of religion espically one that says their worthless

some person

It's their choice their religion we live in a society that gives us freedom of speech and choice! I'm proud to be Australian because we allow people of different religions to be here! If you don't like their choice shut up and let them be w...hothey want to be I take offense to you calling them a dumb bitch grow up and accept people for who they are not what they fucking wear!!

me again

take all the dam offence you want, I take will oppose any form of thought or ideas that say women are nothing but possessions for men but hey if you want women continued to be thought of in such a way that they are even blamed and murdered for being raped then go right ahead, just dont expect everyone else to fall in line and respect/accomodate them