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  1. It's hardly a trophy.
  2. The new Death Ray
  3. Extinctions during human era one thousand times more than before
  4. Environmental News
  5. Recent shifts in the occurrence, cause, and magnitude of animal mass mortality events
  6. The Greenland "melty-man" will drown us all! PANIC! [FREE]
  7. Hummin Beanz make soil erode 100 times faster than naytcha!
  8. Role of global trade in the human dispersals FREE
  9. World’s first grid-connected wave power station switched on in Australia
  10. Direct Observations of AGW + U-tube vid
  11. Earths climate is starting to change faster new research shows
  12. Habitat fragmentation and its lasting impact on Earth’s ecosystems.FREE
  13. What is the price of saving animals
  14. What the climate movement must learn from religion
  15. Ocean acidification and the Permo-Triassic mass extinction
  16. Bjorn Lomborg
  17. Toward a broader characterization of anthropogenic noise and its effects on wildlife
  18. The population biology of fungal invasions [FREE]
  19. Causes and consequences of failed adaptation to biological invasions
  20. Record global CO2 concentrations surpass 400 ppm in March 20
  21. Frog Smoothies
  22. Somokers provide raw material for green energy storage
  23. Greyhound live-baiting: Queensland Government to abolish all racing boards
  24. That sense of awe...
  25. 10 Australian species at extreme risk of extinction: can they be saved?
  26. Humpback Whale Numbers Almost Recovered
  27. Europeans didn't fuck-up Easter Island [FREE]
  28. Cecil the lion: American tourist expresses 'regret' for killing iconic feline
  29. Wallabies in the woods: Escaped marsupials thrive in forest near outskirts of Paris
  30. Approval for Adani's Carmichael coalmine overturned by federal court
  31. Demand for 'bushmeat" still drives extinctions, despite positive efforts FREE
  32. Night parrot conservation reserve created in Queensland
  33. David Leyonhjelm's proposed scrapping of ban on lion trophy parts
  34. The Big Five: Africa's Most Sought-After Trophy Animals
  35. Lack of environmental approvals "just a stunt"
  36. Devils Back to The Mainland
  37. World population likely to surpass 11 billion in 2100
  38. Does Australia have one of the 'highest loss of species anywhere in the world.
  39. Scientists turn oily soil into fertile ground [FREE*]
  40. The Boy and the Fox: Understanding Our Violence to Animals
  41. Confronting & resolving competing values behind conservation objectives FREE
  42. Radioactive contaminants found in coal ash [NOT FREE]
  43. Using evolution to target conservation priorities [FREE]
  44. More biodiversity, fewer pests {not rocket science!}[FREE]
  45. Illegal logging in West Africa threatens extant dinosaurs.
  46. DAMmit! MALARIA! :-( [FREE]
  47. 60 meter sea-level rise if fossil fuels all burned FREE
  48. Recent evidence for a strengthening CO2 sink in the Southern Ocean
  49. Solar forcing synchronizes decadal North Atlantic climate variability FREE
  50. Air polluters murder 3 million [and rising!] per year. [FREE]
  51. Ocean’s wildlife populations down by half: FREE REPORT
  52. The timing of anthropogenic emergence of climate change FREE + vids, etc
  53. Many Atolls May be Uninhabitable Within Decades Due to Climate Change [FREE]
  54. A simplified, data-constrained approach to estimate the permafrost carbon–climateFREE
  55. Tyalgum: Off the grid.
  56. Swedish sand lizards are having a win from global warming. [FREE]
  57. Agnostic, the govenrnment has a newgod, or not, they aren't sure!
  58. Home battery storage to 'revolutionise' solar industry in Australia: Climate Council
  59. First look at the moustached kingfisher
  60. BP Bight's
  61. Hunting With Eagles
  62. Apocalypse in Indonesia while we yawn
  63. The Great Emu War
  64. Greenpeace ordered to shut down in India
  65. Increased tolerance to humans among disturbed wildlife.[FREE]
  66. The Significance of Devonian Norwegian forrests to understanding climate FREE
  67. Consume more, conserve more: sorry, but we just can’t do both
  68. No evidence for paws in Global Warming. [FREE]
  69. Energy Pirates
  70. Antarctica melting [FREE + vids and stuff]
  71. 1.3 million year continuous climate record in Africa [FREE]
  72. Harry Butler RIP
  73. Bilby baby born at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  74. Cerro de Pasco
  75. Defaunation affects carbon storage in tropical forests [FREE]
  76. Excessive Waste
  77. Freshwater farting: How methane from rivers and lakes contribute to GW
  78. Finding ways to reuse computers without trashing a single bit
  79. Global Ecology and Conservation-Open Journal [FREE]
  80. Multiple mortality events in bats: a global review [FREE]
  81. Houbara bustards
  82. The Likelihood of Recent Record Warmth [FREE]
  83. CSIRO cuts to measuring global warming
  84. carbon reduction won't "specifically" hit target
  85. Wasteland? What fucking wasteland.
  86. "Only" four billion people have no fresh water! [FREE]
  87. Ladies on the pill, please don't pee in fish-farm waters!
  88. Suck it up NRA: Gun restrictions save lives [FREE]
  89. Yet another Rapa Nui extinction theory. [FREE]
  90. loss of seed dispersers bad for carbon storage
  91. MENA climate exodus: poor folks pay for indulgences by the rich
  92. The last three antelope
  93. As the ice retreats, the earth farts-for ten thousand years! [FREE]
  94. Don't mention the war......
  95. Rage... fucking rage!
  96. C.L.A.S.H. : Thor made me do it! :-) [FREE]
  97. The Deadliest Year Yet
  98. High chance that current atmospheric greenhouse concs commit to warmings gre
  99. Is it environmental rape if no-one can hear the screams? [FREE]
  100. Environmental change makes robust ecological networks fragile [FREE]
  101. Pesticides turn queens into workers [FREE]
  102. World Threatened Species Day
  103. Hundreds of animals destroyed on Hamilton Island to protect property, people
  104. Duckbill, have we reached peakmoron yet?
  105. SANParks to cull hippos and buffalo due to drought
  106. Mysterious, ice-buried Cold War military base may be unearthed by climate change
  107. Sustainability and Long Term-Tenure: Lion Trophy Hunting [FREE]
  108. Interventionist - Design Values
  109. Tasmanian devils developing immune response to contagious face cancer
  110. Is War A Certainty?
  111. Direct Action carbon reduction policy running out of steam
  112. Hide the report, openness style
  113. Climate Tipping Point incoming
  114. The population debate
  115. Giraffe facing extinction after devastating decline, experts warn
  116. Rainfall regimes of the Green Sahara [FREE]
  117. 60% of Primates Face Extinction
  118. At least some ancients were not climate change deniers! [FREE]
  119. Deep-Sea Organisms Chemical Contamination
  120. 6,600 spills from fracking in just four states [USA]
  121. Biodiversity redistribution under climate change: Impacts on ecosystems and human wel
  122. Electric Ferry, no not Brian!
  123. Future climate sets a record from 420 million years ago [FREE]
  124. Rhino horn sales lrgalised in South Africa
  125. Marginalised millions die from globalisation [not free]
  126. When the sun blows up we're all gone, and that's ok
  127. Adani's Coal Extraction Nightmare
  128. Irreplacable plant species destroyed
  129. Environmental Safeguards: "Green Tape".
  130. SAFE Ambition Earth Day video
  131. Brood Awakening: 17-Year Cicadas Emerge 4 Years Early
  132. Solar saves souls and silver [Not free]
  133. Estimating economic damage from climate change in the U.S. [NOT FREE]
  134. The Black Death - Good For The Environment!
  135. The Sixth Extinction -sad reading [FREE]
  136. Urgent plastic surgery required? 8.3 billion tons of plastic! [FREE]
  137. Vegie-sauruses are better for the environmint! [FREE]
  138. Geological farting accelerates greenhouse gas emissions [FREE]
  139. And We're Into Resource Deficit For The Year...
  140. Blue Dogs In Mumbai
  141. Dead Polyps May Be Saying We're Fucked
  142. Coal in decline: an energy industry on life support
  143. No sands of time left for the Prince.
  144. use the root of Siphium to fumigate anal growths
  145. conservatives against against the environment
  146. Pollution responsible for 16 percent of early deaths globally
  147. Climate Change
  148. Worst-case climate models may be the most accurate
  149. Nobody gives a frack about your baby's low birth weight! [FREE]
  150. Climate Change Impact On Transport Infrastructure
  151. Natural vs. Unnatural
  152. AFRICA: The 'water war' brewing over the new River Nile dam
  153. AUS: Dude, where's my insects?
  154. HAWAII: Bird Hatches Egg
  155. REDD+ impossible challenges
  156. On the apocalypse of South East Asia
  157. Shit's Piling Up Since China Stopped Taking It
  158. WILDLIFE: A Doggie Hand-Picked For Cheetah Compatibility
  159. QLD: Gas Company Guilty of Environmental Breaches
  160. Asian House Geckos - a spreading invasion