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  1. Inventing
  2. Thalidomide: old enemy, new friend for anti-cancer treatment
  3. Dentistry seeing the light on stem cells
  4. New EPILEPSY treatment offers 'on demand' seizure suppression
  5. Capability enhancement not governance burden: Integrating WHS legislation
  6. A single-stranded architecture for cotranscriptional folding of RNA nanostructures
  7. 10 paper tricks to do with your kids
  8. Applying evolutionary biology to address global challenges
  9. Should Cyclist shave their legs?
  10. Ed Boyden: Neuroengineering - The Future is Now (2013)
  11. Prototype of a robotic system with emotion and memory +VID
  12. Potent anti-HIV vaccine advance
  13. More precision with thought-controlled devices. FREE
  14. Nuke war no "biggie" anymore. We have the technology, y'all.
  15. Ethnobiology and drug discovery: Chestnuts & Staph {FREE}
  16. A 1,000-Year-Old Antimicrobial Remedy with Antistaphylococcal Activity FREE
  17. What has science ever done for us?
  18. How to decide if/when a butterfly fart has caused a cyclone elsewhere [FREE]
  19. Prayer Experiments: Its Weakness
  20. Using Pigeons high visual IQ to detect breast cancer [FREE]
  21. Good propects to cure chronic pain, & experiencnormal sensing, & non-tolerance [FREE]
  22. Regenerating Frog Limbs, next humans? [FREE]
  23. The lack of scientifically systematised creativity
  24. Probiotic boobies the answer for cancer? [FREE]
  25. This Is Why There Are So Many Ties In Swimming
  26. Serious security threat to many Internet users: Linux/ Android
  27. How using the internet can turn you into a moron [FREE]
  28. Brain phantom limb processor found
  29. Engineering: The Solar Cult of Mr Brunel?
  30. UK: Rocket fuelled by burned tyres blasts off in pursuit of space tourism dream
  31. New mapping system set to predict severity of bushfire season from space
  32. Faaaaarking Cigarette Butts!
  33. ENGINEERING: Boingy Tyres on Mars
  34. DOGS: Poo-sniffing For The Greater Good Of Quolls
  35. GUITARS: Brace For A Change Of Direction At Taylor
  36. Battery-less beacons (open-hardware and open-source licensing process)
  37. QLD: Nasty Toads Keeping Goannas Off Turtle Eggs
  38. Ill effects of alcoholism reversible? [FREE]
  39. Human neural stem cell grafts to repair spinal cord injuries in monkeys