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  1. Polygamy / Polyamory, thoughts?
  2. Creation 'science' and the 'choice' to be gay
  3. "Ex-gay" therapies rife in Queensland
  4. Gay Panic Law Still on QLD Statutes.
  5. Gay "cure" renounced by world’s largest "ex-gay" group
  6. Gay ads to air on AFL's big screens
  7. Homophobia in different professional disciplines
  8. Scientists think they have found out why people are born gay
  9. In Praise of Sexual Diversity
  10. Religion as the cure to sexual deviancy.
  11. Hate Crime Against a Gay Couple
  12. Some controversial questions
  13. Nigeria strikes a blow for tolerance...
  14. Masturbation is ok again
  15. What's in a (rape) joke?
  16. Latest ADF sex scandal
  17. Transpecies - is there such a thing?
  18. Gay change group to shut down
  19. Dawkins Explains Origins of Homosexuality.
  20. NSW Discrimination Exemption Bill mooted
  21. Being LGBTI in Russia.
  22. Sinned or sinned against? (ABC1 7:30)
  23. When did it stop being ok for men to hold hands?
  24. Gay Students Fare Better in State Schools
  25. Prime Minister Rudd kicks some Xtian ass
  26. Gender Roles
  27. Graduate student uses "science" to prove that gay marriage is improper
  28. Pakistan Gay website blocked
  29. Check Your Brand Of Pasta...
  30. Pederasty
  31. Domestic Violence in LGBTIQ relationships.
  32. Seriously, just shut up and play...
  33. Anthony Mundine says homosexuality and Indigenous culture don't mix
  34. Western Culture and the Third Gender
  35. Owww that stings
  36. British tourist Bernard Randall in court in Uganda over gay sex pics
  37. Being LGBT in Putin's Russia today!
  38. Gay Teacher Fired After Applying To Marry
  39. Oh yes the salvation Army.........
  40. Incident at work.
  41. Paul foots levels of homophobia
  42. Man Up
  43. PIV is always rape, ok?
  44. Past Vic "gay sex convictions" to be removed
  45. "Out there" by Stephen Fry
  46. Child marriages
  47. Ellen Page is gay
  48. Bryan Fischer: I Want Homosexuality To Be Illegal 'Because I Love Black Males'
  49. New poll shops LGBT issues cause millenials to leave the church
  50. In Arizona arrested sex workers forced to attend church in handcuffs
  51. Can't get it up? This church won't let you get married.
  52. Iraq's proposes new child marriage law
  53. Nicky Crane - Skinhead, streetfighter, poster boy, gay
  54. I'm proud to be a hermaphrodite
  55. Dirty girls
  56. Wyoming GOP lawmaker: Promiscuous gays weaponizing AIDS for a ‘national suicide’
  57. Gay men and intimate partner violence: a gender analysis
  58. gay rights beyond the West
  59. Crying.
  60. High Court has ruling a third category of gender
  61. Xtian Camp Appeal Upheld
  62. PUSSY RIOT on ABC2
  63. Nintendo apologises for barring same sex marriage in game
  64. Sex and the City
  65. I went undercover at a gay Christian conversion camp
  66. Just discovered out...
  67. Opera Oz Cancels Singer over Anti-Gay FB rant
  68. Homophobia exported to Uganda
  69. Ian Thorpe is gay
  70. AFL Commentator Apology for Homophobic Slur
  71. Fundamentalism, Orthodoxy, and Homonegativity among Religious US College Students
  72. Reflecting back on what you were.
  73. Homophobia, and the courage to speak out
  74. Change Petition.
  75. The tides have turned on same-sex marriage
  76. SBS - Living with the enemy
  77. Homophobic bullying in PE classes rife (ABC)
  78. Kyriarchy 101
  79. Christian families horrible reaction to their son coming out gay
  80. Showering (or not) with Michael Sam...
  81. Jane Caro "Traditional Marrige was prositution"
  82. Incest
  83. Dinosaurs died out because … they were gay!
  84. Catholic rhetoric proves hollow: stop the presses!
  85. The art of queer rejections : the everyday life of biblical discourse
  86. Are Homophobic People Really Gay and Not Accepting It?
  87. Men's sexism
  88. The Freedom to Marry Bill 2014
  89. I got flashed at this morning.
  90. Arizona pastor predicts ‘AIDS-free Christmas’ if all gays are killed, as God commands
  91. GOP Lawmaker Introduces Bill Requiring Women To Get A Man's Permission For Abortion
  92. Hindus on Homosexuality
  93. Homophobia = jealousy???
  94. transgender suicide
  95. Religious origins of homophobia
  96. Pakistan’s First Anti-Homophobia Children’s Book
  97. Trans? Then you can't legally drive...
  98. Sexual War
  99. Russia Anti-Gay Laws in action
  100. Transgender teen cites family bullying in suicide note:
  101. Alan Turing
  102. 5 Women Cut from Pop Culture History for Being Too Important
  103. Granting Equal Rights
  104. Granting Equal Rights
  105. Sexuality Issues
  106. Evangelical churches funding the ADF hate group to lobby for anti gay laws
  107. Yet another source of bigotry...
  108. Prehistoric ancesters not so sexist after all
  109. The hysteria of macho cultures
  110. Gay rights march in Russia
  111. A Majority of U.S. Republicans Finally Agree That Being Gay Is Morally Acceptable
  112. Women and Science Vid [10 mins]
  113. Scientific Consensus, the Law, and Same Sex Parenting Outcomes.
  114. How the Government and the Christian Lobby Quash Real Research on Sex Workers
  115. Manning Up
  116. Wimmins can't do math, y'all, but have a better grip on reality! FREE
  117. Tassie Anti-Gay Speech Penalised
  118. Straight Christians and the New Language of Martyrdom
  119. Six Stabbed at a Gay Pride in Isreal
  120. Farewell best Muslim friends!
  121. Abuse men have higher rates of sexual diseases
  122. The Ashley Madison Hack
  123. Women no more vulnerable to combat after-effects than men.
  124. Clergy see SSM as legitimising gay sex ??
  125. Debunking the "gaydar myth".
  126. Transgender a Mental Disorder?
  127. anti-abortion activist detained
  128. Domestic violence in gay men relationships.
  129. Jail the Gays!
  130. Mark Hogancamp
  131. Do I have boobs now?
  132. Libs and Nats continue to support religious discrimination
  133. Why Are There Gay People?
  134. Women banned from Hindu temple launch #HappyToBleed
  135. Research Gone Wild: Looking Good
  136. The problem of peadophilia
  137. America’s gun problem has everything to do with America’s masculinity problem
  138. Julien Blanc’s Boys Are Back In Oz To Explain How You Can Choke Women Into Ha...
  139. Vic Gay Conversion Therapy Ban
  140. Anti-breast-feeding fascists commit genocide on mothers, babies.
  141. Old Mout Cider NZ releases transphobic advert
  142. Students 'angry and confused' over Archbishop Glenn Davies' comments gender equality
  143. Hopelessness
  144. Safe schools program challenged by conservative MP's
  145. Anti-gay hypocrites
  146. Federal judge rules against Virginia transgender law
  147. Sex Ed and Christians
  148. The Biggest Failure in America’s Abstinence Programs Is in Sub-Saharan Africa
  149. Do Americans Really Support Same-Sex Marriage?
  150. Vagina figurines are art, not obscenity, court rules
  151. Changing minds on abortion
  152. FULL FREE - The Sexual Impact of Infertility Among Women Seeking Fertility Care
  153. Transgender not the only victims of bad laws
  154. Asexuality
  155. Vic Govt to apologise for past criminalisation
  156. Presbyterians stamp foot
  157. The vagina on trial: more absurd than obscene
  158. Fiat don't want to sell cars to half the population
  159. Dating = Avocado
  160. Youthfulness
  161. Footprints in the Sand
  162. Anglicans to allow same-sex marriage after vote recount
  163. Should Caster Semenya be allowed to compete?
  164. marriage equality plebiscite
  165. Marriage Alliance morons are morons...
  166. 'Gay cake': Christian bakers lose appeal
  167. Turkey is officially fucked
  168. Gay Brisbane schoolboy bullied before suicide
  169. Why I won't be supporting the Salvation Army this Christmas
  170. Abstinence
  171. Dilemma
  172. Abortion decriminalisation vote in Queensland
  173. 'Angry white men': the sociologist who studied Trump's base before Trump
  174. God makes you gay
  175. anti-Abortion pressure responsible for death?
  176. Double-blind review favours increased representation of female authors [not free]
  177. Anybody here bi?
  178. Transitioning at ninety
  179. ACL - restricting health care in the name of God
  180. Aceh, Indonesia - 80 Lashes For Gay Men
  181. NZ Rolling In $ From Marriage Equality
  182. Marriage Equality A Health Issue - Doctors' Body
  183. Chechen gay men hopeful of finding refuge in five countries
  184. If It Fits, We've Found The Rapist...
  185. Indonesian Cops Have Unhealthy Interest In Gay Sex
  186. Margaret Court
  187. Taiwan Recognises Marriage Equality
  188. Confessions of an overconfident, mediocre man
  189. Bad day today
  190. Queer and Gender-Liberated Songs of the Jazz Age
  191. Gay-Hate Pie Attacker of QANTAS Boss is Senior Church Member
  192. This Swimsuit Kills Stereotypes
  193. Irish abortion referendum
  194. Review of The Red Pill movie.
  195. Sexual Disinterest
  196. Pride Week In Turkey: More Risky Than It Once Was
  197. Raped for working at an abortion clinic
  198. Germany recognises SSM
  199. What is wrong with incest?
  200. Man wins lawsuit in China over forced gay conversion therapy
  201. Out Lesbians? Out Of Facebook, Apparently
  202. Broflake - 'Tis A Word
  203. Great article about sexual diversity in nature
  204. Chinese gay video ban sparks online backlash
  205. It's another tequila sunrise: LGBTQI fight ISIS
  206. 'Mum tried to cure me from being bisexual'
  207. DUBAI: Trans or twinkling? That's a jailin'!
  208. Coming out
  209. INDIA: supreme court rules sexual orientation is a fundamental right
  210. Feminism
  211. NSW Nationals use Uni of Woolloomooloo Rule Three
  212. Cory Be-Nasty - Fundraising Publicity Hero!
  213. AUS: Teen Seeking Hormone Access Permission
  214. BRAZIL: Anger as judge backs anti-gay 'therapy'
  215. Egypt arrests seven people for waving a rainbow flag at Cairo rock concert
  216. Bigots
  217. U.S. Votes Against United Nations Ban on Death Penalty for Same-Sex Relations
  218. Azerbaijan:Man Says His Government Jailed Him And Tortured Him Because He Is Gay
  219. USA: Workplace Discrimination Protections for Transpeople Removed
  220. Transgender teen kicked out of US school over gender identity crowned homecoming king
  221. Indonesia: police arrest 58 in raid on Jakarta gay sauna
  222. QLD: Historical Homosexuality Convictions To Be Expunged
  223. Greece passes gender-change law opposed by Orthodox church
  224. AUS: Defence Minister actually defends trans service personnel
  225. NIGERIA: Gay? That's A Jailin'!
  226. Creepy old dudes and opened doors.
  227. Refused service
  228. GERMANY (Historic): The Early 20th-Century ID Cards That Kept Trans People Safe
  229. KENYA: Oh Noes! A Gay Pride Of Lions!
  230. UK: Delia Derbyshire awarded posthumous PhD
  231. AUS: Family Court rules easier hormone access for trans teens
  232. Prehistoric wimminz lazier and weaker than could be imagined. [FREE]
  233. Humiliating questions
  234. Humiliation overflow thread
  235. HISTORY: How the 18th-Century Gay Bar Survived and Thrived in a Deadly Environment
  236. QLD: Toontown Disco DJ in Verbal Abuse Outbreak
  237. D.O.S. attacks on same-sex and interracial couples [FREE]
  238. THAILAND: Body-shamed for a dark donger? Your fears will pale into insignificance!
  239. QLD: LGBTI domestic violence in Queensland under-reported
  240. QLD: Australia's First Trans Anglican Priest
  241. Texas, meet transgender irony!
  242. I give up
  243. One step at a time
  244. AUS: Children with gender dysphoria no longer need court approval to undergo surgery
  245. Editor removes reference to gay husband in obituary
  246. Indonesia: Aceh - Discrimination against transwomen as beauticians
  247. Pronouns and Gender: A Call for Discussion on a Forum Standard
  248. Kicking Balls and Mauling Blokes - Holy, Homophobic Mr Folau
  249. VIC: Guy under pressure to allow gay 'conversion' therapy for kids
  250. VATICAN: Popey Says Trans Teens Should HTFU