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  1. Ex-Benedict And A Cracking Religion
  2. The Swinger's Guide to Islam
  3. Quran 2.0 Derivative - We fix the Quran!
  4. New Pope
  5. Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God
  6. Why the papacy still matters
  7. Did they Exterminate all the artist 400AD
  8. Vomit inducing easter church signs
  9. A video response to TAE
  10. Getting nailed up.
  11. Veri Chip
  12. A Critique of the New Age Concept of "Karma"
  13. [HQ] Christopher Hitchens vs Tony Blair - Religion is a forc
  14. Being nice to Islam
  15. The heart of Christian theology: An apology for apologetics
  16. Excellent Animated Short | Stephen Fry vs Ann Widdecombe | Catholic Debate
  17. Easterfest.
  18. Moderate Muslims whats the percentage
  19. How interested are you in religions?
  20. Martin Luther
  21. Why do people (inc. Atheists) say the Qu'ran doesn't tell women how to dress?
  22. Mega churches
  23. The Hierarchy of Odium
  24. Get out your bacon sandwiches. It's Ramadan
  25. Catholics make bid for relevance
  26. In God's Image
  27. Devine Lies
  28. Pascal's Counter-Wager
  29. Irish forced adoptions
  30. Christian divorce rate
  31. Bart Ehrman FB Post.
  32. Fairness
  33. 5 Things That Believers Can Do, But Atheists Can’t
  34. Christian and Cool
  35. God is in Charge but not in Control.
  36. Least objectionable religion?
  37. When did God Create Angels?
  38. We INVENTED Jesus Christ - Romans
  39. Religious tourism
  40. Mutating Religions
  41. Eid al-Adha - Islamic holy day
  42. Dalai Lama or Pope Francis?
  43. Judaism
  44. Witch Hunting Pentecostals
  45. Got another name for Jebus?
  46. What would change your mind?
  47. Say hello to Hamas
  48. Want a cheap way to emigrate in the 19th century? Just insult god.
  49. Amish values
  50. What is a non-literalist Christian?
  51. You can't go home again
  52. Door to Door Atheists Bother Mormons
  53. Secularism Sucking the Pneuma Out of Spirit-Filled Christianity
  54. How to Deal with Religious People if You Are an Atheist
  55. I need a good reply to what a christian has said to me
  56. Atheist vs Christian (Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell)
  57. Allah vs atheism: ‘Leaving Islam was the hardest thing I’ve done’
  58. I feel sick in the stomach.....I think
  59. CRIN Report on Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church
  60. These things shall be: a loftier race
  61. An Ancient Murrder Novel
  62. Top 10 Christian Fails of 2013
  63. Bible man and some funny stuff about angels at the end
  64. More strife for the Mics.
  65. Religion Kills......again.
  66. Black Hole Properties mentioned in the Quran (the Book Jesus wants you to know)
  67. Pastor Justin Vollmar comes out
  68. Help! still returning to my faith
  69. Why are most christians nasty F'ERS
  70. How to engineer a 'spontaneous' miracle
  71. Did Islamic Theology help create modern science?
  72. Hellelujah can we build a religion around this guy
  73. Sean Carroll & William Lane Craig Debate Naturalism vs. Theism - God & Cosmology
  74. What are you giving up for Lent?
  75. Islam app
  76. Noah? Oh FFS....
  77. "Think" Islam and Atheism "explained" in 45 seconds.
  78. Chosen People
  79. Cricket the New Religion?
  80. POPE FRANCIS and THE VATICAN [Protestantism/Anglicans and the 'American Evangelists'
  81. Being a god can really suck! :-(
  82. Why stop at ten commandments
  83. Questions against Christianity.
  84. Anti-human Theology: Learning to Hate Yourself
  85. What are the characteristics of the Christian god?
  86. Reading the bible
  87. The $alvation Army
  88. Why would god be interested in creating anything?
  89. Add one sentence to the bible
  90. PRRI - US Catholics vs Evangelicals
  91. On being an atheist in a "christian world".
  92. Do you think the god of the bible is an abuser?
  93. Made in God's Image
  94. Do atheists have better artistic skills?
  95. "Freethinking Christianity"
  96. Sophisticated theology and average believers
  97. Two Jehovah’s Witnesses paid millions to restrict blood transfusions
  98. Old Religious Habits
  99. Creation museum announcement
  100. Were the Aztecs Right?
  101. Why does Buddhism get a free pass in the West?
  102. Good parts of the bible
  103. ISIS
  104. The Religious and converting people.
  105. Street theatre
  106. 10 Things about JWs
  107. How about a BLT - It's Ramadan
  108. The Church of Phroso the Benevolent
  109. Relevance of Abrahamic religions in Australia
  110. Pope smiley and the exorcists
  111. Woman drives over biker, says Jesus took the wheel
  112. Blasphemous Oppression in the Name of Islam: Hold Pakistan Accountable for...
  113. Fear and dread in the atheist mind
  114. Adventures in tard.
  115. Revivalist preaching hampering PNG AIDS fight
  116. How vulnerable are we to indroctrination?
  117. JW's getting it wrong again!
  118. Nothing new: just another theist tying themselves up in knots trying to prove god
  119. God doesn’t need fine tuning
  120. The Harm of Christian Doctrine
  121. Criticism of Pascal's wager - any further ideas?
  122. The Argument from Incorporeality
  123. Crazy things the religious say
  124. Sexting: it all comes back to religion
  125. Well that was fun, while it lasted
  126. What do Jihadists buy before going to fight for ISIS?
  127. The mixed record of foreign fighters in domestic insurgencies
  128. Africa
  129. 10 Questions and Answers on Atheism and Agnosticism
  130. How to Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian
  131. Religion is getting desperate to appear relevant
  132. What pops into your head when talking to theists?
  133. Vatican leads the world's religions to save the planet, y'all [Science Mag]
  134. Vatican makes first arrest ever for paedophilia
  135. The Link Between Depression and Terrorism
  136. Devotees join 'Amma', India's 'hugging saint' Mata Amritanandamayi
  137. How do you solve a problem like Islam?
  138. Mormon
  139. Gish gallop of crazy: Will the"Allah" please stand up?
  140. I will pray (do nothing) for them!
  141. Halloween
  142. I is cannibal. I ate jebus
  143. Lev Haolam's video of a Palestinian mother
  144. Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas"
  145. Went to church last Sunday.....
  146. Looking for inspiring bible quotes
  147. The whitewashed cast of 'Exodus' is irresponsible — and its own demise
  148. So I got a bit tipsy at a party last night...
  149. Truth Teller, let's talk and respect.
  150. Happy "Punching Day" to all Christians
  151. An all-male nationalist party want to make India 100% Hindu
  152. Newsweek Bible article
  153. Catholic breastfeeding
  154. Catholic violence
  155. SanctisBovis on Charlie Hebdo....
  156. Debating christians today...
  157. hypocritical Pope
  158. Boko Haram
  159. Seriously Facebook
  160. 12 Worst Ideas Religion Has Unleashed on the World
  161. New gospels of Mark?
  162. A new exposé of Mother Teresa: she wase even worse than we thought
  163. Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age
  164. Terrorism and identity – Part One
  165. Arguing with strawmen is fun
  166. Is Buddhism a religion?
  167. ISIS refutes that Islam is a “religion of peace”
  168. Spiritual "War Crimes".
  169. Pope Francis says trans people destroy creation, compares them to nuclear weapons
  170. Oklahoma bill replaces AP History with Bible studies and sermons
  171. Why ISIS Should Make Christians Rethink The Doctrine Of Hell
  172. Solar Powered Audio Bibles
  173. Prohibition is alive and well!
  174. Prophetisation: Reformation
  175. Myanmar court jails three for insulting Buddhism
  176. Life - Self
  177. Calvinism.
  178. Killing Jesus: Bill O'Reilly's film
  179. Another Blogger murdered in Bangladesh
  180. Third Catholic church linked to paedophile priest burns in suspected arson attack
  181. Persecuted Christians
  182. I can see dead people....
  183. jehovah witnesses a double homicide
  184. Devaluation of once Archaeologically Significant Site
  185. Eeesh. Today's JW encounter.
  186. sharia law in Aceh
  187. Dostoevsky's Polyphonic Apologetic: Dialogue
  188. Theism, Atheism, and Anti-Theism: A New Landscape for Theology
  189. The Islamic State and Boko Haram: Fifth Wave Jihadist Terror Groups
  190. Critiques of Liberation Theology: A Case Study
  191. Is the UK still a Christian country?
  192. Village cinemas and evangelism?
  193. El Salavador and the RCC
  194. Breaking news, nudity causes earthquakes!
  195. Without Christianity, What Year Would It Be?
  196. Implications of Atheism [Part I]
  197. Abstinence-Only Sex Education: Uni Students’ Evaluations and Responses (Paywalled)
  198. Iran jumps the shark
  199. Leviticus 19:28 - Tattooed Pastor...
  200. Sam Harris and Dan Carlin
  201. Give Me That Old-Time Religion
  202. An Atheistic Argument from Ugliness
  203. Link Between Religiosity, Good Health Debunked
  204. The Best Christian Argument for Marriage Equality Is That the Bible Got It Wrong
  205. Weekly biblical wisdom, courtesy of St Luke's Anglican Church
  206. Christian Facebook
  207. Staid
  208. Jehovah’s Witnesses & Masturbation
  209. In Age of Science, Is Religion 'Harmful Superstition'?
  210. Sara as sacrifice
  211. John Oliver / Last Week Tonight on televangelism
  212. No Atheists Allowed
  213. Putin's theocracy
  214. Silver lining in the religious right’s discrimination
  215. Literature Boycott
  216. Conviction of Things Not Seen: The Uniquely American Myth of Satanic Cults
  217. Overspill from Tony Abbott. Relative harms of Religion and origins.
  218. Bible society in westfield shopping centre
  219. Religion is better than spiritualism
  220. 700+ die at Mecca
  221. Pope Francis Addresses US Joint Session of Congress
  222. US Conference of Catholic Bishops & Homosexuality
  223. Christian Homeschoolers try to sell daughter into arranged marriage
  224. ABC Drum - xtians aren't like those muslims!!!
  225. Religious belief makes for better people?
  226. Religion and Child Abuse
  227. Who Becomes a Nun in 2015?
  228. God, the gods and democracy [part one]
  229. When Religious Violence Can't Escape Exemption
  230. My Great-Grandmother Versus the Invisible Gods of Calcutta
  231. Scientology's ban imminent
  232. Salon: My Child is not in heaven:
  233. The 10%'ers
  234. Leah Remini book and break with Scientology
  235. Christsploitation
  236. ‘We need to talk about Jesus’: cue cringing embarrassment
  237. A disease model of religion and radicalisation
  238. Anti-Islam Gunman
  239. Those stingy, judgmental, punitive theists
  240. War on Christmas
  241. The Hindu Taliban
  242. Pastifarian Driver's License Pic Allowed
  243. ISIS, its Universal Caliph & fellows' Delusion
  244. How Belief in God Makes a Fighter's Adversaries Seem Less Menacing
  245. Five Keys to Understanding Daesh
  246. Provenance of the OT
  247. Saudi court sentences poet to death for renouncing Islam
  248. Lord's Prayer cinema ad ban 'bewilders' Church of England
  249. Weird and funny things from your religious upbringing
  250. Religion and Science