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  1. How do we know the age of the universe?
  2. Evolution of novel functions
  3. Abiogenesis
  4. Examples of speciation
  5. Why does the tide go in and out?
  6. How do we know the age of the Earth?
  7. Examples of beneficial mutations in DNA
  8. What is the scientific method?
  9. What was the early Earth atmosphere?
  10. How do we know the distance to a star?
  11. Humans and chimpanzees shared a common ancestor?
  12. Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  13. What are probiotics...
  14. The Power of Dreams
  15. How does a black hole die?
  16. What is actually happening here?
  17. Memory Manipulation - Eyewittness
  18. The God area of the brain
  19. Flying Planes
  20. Plant Evolution
  21. Personality, genetics and artificial intelligence.
  22. Science beyond School
  23. Hidden genetic diversity - recommendations?
  24. Entropy and Eternity
  25. Two Questions
  26. Q about evolution and murder
  27. Flouride in water-evidence for or against its use
  28. On chromosomes
  29. Mars, Jupiter, and Venus
  30. Isn't a god theoretically forced (quantum physics)?
  31. Would antimatter experience anti entropy?
  32. Galactic centre.
  33. 3D Printing of Food
  34. intelligent creator
  35. Peer-review in Science
  36. Why Are Females So Scared Of Spiders And Snakes?
  37. Hippowhatamus
  38. Ticks are not insects???
  39. Philosophy of Science
  40. Prometheus Errors
  41. Sonic Hedgehog, DICER, and the Problem With Naming Genes
  42. A very naive question: gravity
  43. Instrumentalism and Drawbacks of Scientific Method
  44. Big bang - What?
  45. I want to be an astrophysicist.
  46. Science vs religion over the decades regarding dinosaurs and fossils.
  47. Contributions Science Writers!
  48. Why is critical thinking so hard?
  49. Speed of Darkness
  50. Universal Evolution.
  51. Ten Simple Rules for Getting Published
  52. Any Scientist can help me?
  53. The Role of Doubt in Science
  54. Mosquito association sues big tobacco TRUE OR FALSE?
  55. The Amazing Global Infoscape
  56. Vortex Physics
  57. Noni Juice
  58. Radioactive
  59. The 'Hows' and 'Whys' of Science.
  60. Consciousness
  61. Good Lifetime Knowledge
  62. Accident
  63. Using a Jedi light-sabre to cool ure beer! :-)
  64. African Apes
  65. The moon illusion
  66. Someone constipated by conspiracy theories?? [FREE]
  67. Ancient History
  68. The Paradox of Evolution
  69. Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  70. Order, symmetry and intelligentness/design-like nature
  71. Data vs theory
  72. More science discussion!
  73. Blue's the color of the sky
  74. Intelligence-Workflow
  75. Sound Barrier Question
  76. Science can help us win World War Z, but Chicago falls to the Zombies! :-)
  77. Archaeological help please!
  78. The Core of Science
  79. How not to science!
  80. Rising ocean levels: Could this work?
  81. Glycerine fermentation
  82. World irreducibly complex, therefore dog! Vids or it isn't true! [FREE]
  83. Live Near the Beach?
  84. NASA's Polar Data Collection Mission: Pressing On Regardless
  85. I got me a straight banana, are they safe to eat?
  86. When Climate Change Denial Is All One Can Do.
  87. Stephen Hawking's Predictions