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  1. Religion dwindling, or not!?
  2. Christian dominionists protect us from sharia?
  3. Opening prayer in Local Council meetings
  4. What do you get when the government falters on education?
  5. ACT UP Queensland Campaign
  6. FFRF Experience in US Worth Thinking About
  7. Vote For Science Website
  8. Statutory definition of a charity - open (sort of) again
  9. Dontcha just love Dominionists
  10. Senator Eric Abetz and the Australian Christian Lobby
  11. PolitiFact Australia
  12. Islam and the Secular State
  13. Joan
  14. Woolwich Attack and Islam in Britain
  15. America's falling backwards again
  16. Oaths and affirmations made in federal parliament since 1901
  17. Is War A Booming Industry
  18. Get Up! Campaigns
  19. The latest Asylum Seeker Debate
  20. The Wikieaks Party
  21. One Nation in sticky spot over anti-halal campaign
  22. Let's do the Tampa again! (With apologies to Rocky Horror ...)
  23. Rupert Murdoch
  24. Vote Compass: ABC
  25. Federal Election on 7 September
  26. Policital Deepism
  27. Political Party Deception
  28. The Christian voter.
  29. Don't Waste Your Vote!
  30. Postal votes
  31. Good Luck!
  32. Australian gov't faces carbon tax backlash at poll
  33. I voted at Gringott's!!
  34. Towards a Philosophy
  35. Albanese V Shorten
  36. Julia Gillard to speak in Sydney and Melbourne
  37. Minor dissilusion
  38. ABBATTOIR "MINISTRY"- There ALL Swearing on the BLIEBULL!!! EEEWWW
  39. Government Watch.
  40. Uni student? Yay or Nay for SSAF
  41. US Govt shutting down due to budget impasse
  42. First dog on the moon
  43. Social welfare for profit?
  44. Theda Skocpol (Sociologist) on Maddox
  45. A Potent Political Perspective from Russell Brand!
  46. Tanya Plibersek
  47. PUP Senator wants enquiry into the Greens
  48. How the Seven Deadly Sins Progress Civilisation
  49. Bring Back Keating
  50. Greens bring transparency to government’s ‘Operation Secret Boats’
  51. Asylum Seekers
  52. Religious tax exemptions: the roll back begins in the US
  53. Qualia Soup - Secularism
  54. Public servants take deregulation very, very seriously
  55. Australia too dangerous for Indian people?
  56. Bigotry and racism are alive and well
  57. Abbott and Science
  58. On Mandela contra Zionist hegemony over the West Bank and Gaza
  59. Hands off the ABC
  60. The "Global war against nature"
  61. Politics and Evolution?
  62. Cory Bernardi's views...
  63. (UK) Scientology granted right to provide marriage
  64. Libs to look at welfare reform
  65. Chicago GOP hopeful: Autism and dementia are God’s punishments for LGBT rights
  66. Channel 4 News censors Jesus & Mo
  67. Constructionist approach to politics
  68. Theocracy America - Theocracy Australia?
  69. WTF? Tim Wilson : New Human Rights Commissioner
  70. Arizona anti-gay discrimination bill
  71. Rhinos killed for healing potions. Killing rate doubles since last year
  72. CJ Werleman on religion and class
  73. The EU has a gas problem
  74. The Can-Do Campbell Thread, or "Goodness gracious me, donut you worry about that1"
  75. Drone surveillance fleet to be based at Edinburgh air force base in Adelaide
  76. Victoria's new "move on" law
  77. The "Right"
  78. Mike Rann, the "Roman Emperor".
  79. Our Orwellian Federal government, when in comes to public servants
  80. the protocols of zion number 14
  81. Speaking of penpals, send a letter to an asylum seeker on Manus Island
  82. ICAC - Claims a pretty major scalp
  83. China - increasingly belligerent?
  84. National Commission of Audit report
  85. Clive Palmer?
  86. Here's another budget tidbit...
  87. Bill Shorten
  88. Christian groups protesting asylum seeker policies
  89. Abbot's Budget explained
  90. Victoria
  91. Campaign to keep US health care safe and secular
  92. Oh how the tables have turned!
  93. Institute of Public Affairs-IPA
  94. Assylum Seekers and Government Inhumanity
  95. The Guardian reports new threats to FOI
  96. Switched teams
  97. Religion can solve todays problems?
  98. Tea Party As A Religion?
  99. Abbott Governments tough regulations for job seekers
  100. Strategy: A discussion on peace, war & Australian democracy.
  101. Preface to 20th century US Military History: "War is a Racket"
  102. As Atheists, how against Islam are we?
  103. Out of Step? Voters and Social Issues in U.S. Presidential Elections
  104. Islamic State, Australian Involvement, Threats
  105. Divided We Stand: The Politics of the Atheist Movement in the United States
  106. Swiss Member of Parliament Has Had Enough!
  107. The Scent of a Conservative
  108. Maroochydore "Mosque Protests"
  109. Bill Shorten Socks it to ACL over their intolerance
  110. The irrelevance and (new) relevance of religion in Australian elections
  111. An Interesting Study on the Libertarian Psyche
  112. Incumbents, Pray for Rain
  113. ABC Vote Compass
  114. The survival of public goods in the market place.
  115. Salami Tactics
  116. Victorian Election
  117. US Prez candidate and secularism...
  118. Police killings - CJ Werleman
  119. Political News Sticky.
  120. Racial Discrimination Act - offence of causing offence
  121. America's Gun Laws
  122. Lets Talk Religion and Tax
  123. An interesting take on secularism...
  124. Doesn't foreign housing investment evade capital gains tax?
  125. Glen McGrath's death cult
  126. Murdered Charlie Hebdo Staff Named ‘International Islamophobe Of The Year’
  127. Why income/wealth equality is getting worse
  128. Kids' Ideas First?
  129. Teresa van Lieshout
  130. Bad policy, good politics
  131. SBS Satire, kicking some goals.
  132. Don't swear about dead people.......
  133. Calls for Christians to become involved in politics!
  134. Political Orientation and Atheism
  135. Different political parties - my impressions as a member
  136. Trophy hunting and Traditional Chinese Medicine drove Western Black Rhino to ...
  137. Labor getting some courage to do the right thing?
  138. Mother Russia - Lazy Communists.
  139. Want equality for all? Then spurn organised religion
  140. Budget and Media
  141. Pretending to listen
  142. Nihilist
  143. Five companies control more than half of academic publishing [FREE]
  144. US economics and victim blaming
  145. Right-Wing Extremism Kills More Americans Than Islamic Terrorism
  146. Only Secularism Can Save Us From Extremism
  147. Shorten On Trial
  148. Scopes 1 and some issues
  149. We Don't Have to Give You a Platform
  150. Is Sam Harris out of line? Is Chomsky a manichaean propagandist?
  151. Minister of Religion visa made more difficult
  152. USA Presidential Candidates
  153. Human Rights Commissioner - Questions
  154. What is the ideal prison system?
  155. Guy Rundle and the Political Caste
  156. Mark Latham Q&A
  157. FanTheFlames and Queensland Schools
  158. On Evaluating Arguments from Consensus
  159. The Malcolm Turnbull thread
  160. President Donald Trump
  161. Turnbull's moral obligation to sabotage Liberal Party
  162. Bristol Palin WTF?
  163. Extremism linked to green activism
  164. Gender in Australian immigration
  165. Political Correctness: A Threat to Critical Thinking and Students' Mental Health
  166. Aust Liberty Alliance and Geert Wilders
  167. Gun Control
  168. Corruption pays in the Wild West Lisa Scaffidi re-elected as Mayor
  169. Putin on ISIS
  170. Freedom Fighter Irwin Schiff Passes Away In US Prison
  171. Meet Bridget McKenzie, the Turnbull government senator
  172. History Schmistory, Abbott goes full.....
  173. politics in Bangladesh
  174. David Leyonhjelm
  175. Ben Carson - Pyramids were built by Joseph and his amazing technicolor(TM) dreamcoat
  176. Recent speech by Putin
  177. Type of Government
  178. Boycott Saudi Arabian imports?
  179. Tracking believers, Trumped once again!
  180. Salim Mehajer, again, politics Australian style
  181. Cory Bernardi
  182. Tony Burke expense claims
  183. Why is Australia at war again?
  184. Putin torpedoes Trump
  185. Salim Mehajer charged with poll fraud by the AFP
  186. The loveless marriage: 'religious' and 'freedom'
  187. He's back (The Tones)
  188. Rights AND responsibilities?
  189. Gun rights in the US
  190. Department's claim that raped refugee rejected abortion wrong, FOI reveals
  191. Authoritarianism driven by religion?
  192. Charitable Purpose - Advancing Religion
  193. The fascism of the affluent.
  194. The blame game
  195. Opposition
  196. Religious army
  197. The US Election, 2016 Edition.
  198. Someone in a garage will fix it!
  199.  After I Lived in Norway, America Felt Backward. Here’s Why.
  200. An evening with Edward Snowden
  201. Which companies control Oz politics?
  202. Maajid Nawaz arguments ATM
  203. The Problem With Common Sense: One Person’s No Brainer Is Andrew Bolt’s Latest Conspi
  204. Right, meet Left; Left, meet Right.
  205. Barnaby what?
  206. Maajid Nawaz on One plus One (ABC TV)
  207. Brandis' arts knobbling bribe fund pool gets the axe
  208. Flux Party
  209. Australian Election 2016
  210. The Mike Baird Thread
  211. Australia need strong conservative voice
  212. Petition to Review the Charitable Status of the ACL
  213. Australian Christians political party
  214. The 12,000 refugees
  215. Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs speaks out
  216. Don't do it Nick, please.
  217. The ACL, Scott Morrison and how we are all Nazis
  218. Perverting ANZAC Day for Jesus
  219. Remember That Awful Scene? Conservatives Sure Do
  220. ABC Vote Compass
  221. Venezuela implosion - socialism in the 21th century
  222. Barnaby Joyce...sigh
  223. Howard says Trump too unstable to be President
  224. Nova Peris responds with dignity
  225. Pilger: Silencing America as it prepares for war
  226. White Supremacists Love Angry Birds
  227. Constitutional Change for Australia
  228. The Reef / Hunt / Disney / and Call Out Fishy!
  229. Your opinions on Bill Shorten
  230. No more subsidising alternate medicine?
  231. Costing Human Induced Global Warming
  232. Regulation is a Cancer
  233. There is no left (article)
  234. Malcolm Roberts
  235. Duterte
  236. Biggest blunder of the 20th Century?
  237. Liberals Come Up Short—Literally
  238. Had to share...
  239. Penn - Libertarianism
  240. No Arab Spring in Zimbabe - Mugabe
  241. Australia First
  242. Menzies
  243. Productivity commission report on IP law in Australia
  244. What's wrong with the capitalistic Western world?
  245. I thought this was funny....
  246. The Great Immigration Con
  247. What will happen if Trump loses?
  248. Propaganda vs Emotional Intelligence
  249. Hate Rising (Jorge Ramos)
  250. First World, what does it mean?