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  4. Go Purple for Secularity
  5. Gender Discrimination in Australian Uni
  6. On definition of charity. Pass around!
  7. Comments for creation "science" fair article
  8. Senator Eric Abetz - you cant have ethics without religion
  9. Oz Council of State Schools - need to hear from you
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  13. Jumping Ship - A Time of Transition
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  15. High Court Challenge II vs Nat School Chaplaincy
  16. Coles funding Scripture Union QLD
  17. Atheism impedes climate change action
  18. Tax the churches
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  20. Christian education scams
  21. National Chaplaincy Program To Expand
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  25. Arab Atheists Need Assistance
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  27. ACL survey on the national curriculum
  28. Ban Access Ministries From State Schools.
  29. Comming to the March in March?
  30. Please help my daughter if possible - Leukaemia Foundation
  31. God's Not Dead reviews
  32. The Religion of the Humble? (ABC R&E Portal)
  33. Jews for Jesus glorifying the holocaust
  34. ANZAC Days Long Shadow [first written 18/2/14]
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  43. New Virginia law to deny services to LGBT people
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  45. Push against blasphemy laws
  46. The Historical Struggle
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  58. Govt funds for church or church hall kitchen renovations
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  60. Religious Freedom Roundtable call for submissions
  61. Religious discrimination
  62. Support petition: Remove advancement of religion as a charitable purpose
  63. Interviewee required for i-D magazine article
  64. Voluntary Euthanasia Bill in South Australia
  65. Supporter Organisations for Safe Schools
  66. Brisbane Peeps, Atheists Helping the Homeless
  67. Strip the Australian Christian Lobby of it charitable status.
  68. Campaign to end tax exemption status of religion
  69. Hunting rhinos to extinction is not a sport
  70. AFAs risky promotion of a "I have [No Religion]" in the upcoming Australian Election
  71. Petition for the rights of atheists to hold public office in 7 states of the U.S.
  72. Restore the right of Atheists to hold public office in seven states of the U.S.
  73. AFA on ACA on Planetshakers
  74. Surya's Intervention
  75. Seriously?
  76. Atheists in Defence of Muslims (AIDOM)
  77. Don't Defend Disablist Drivel in the Name of Free Speech
  78. Volunteers Needed for Research into Australian Non-Religion
  79. Islam and the Future of Tolerance: The Movie. Kickstarter
  80. March for science Australia
  81. Brisbane City Council Petition: No prayers in Council meetings
  82. Interview Subject, Not a ex/Christian/Muslim.
  83. Day of Reason
  84. Pussy Riot's Masha Alyokhina
  85. Free Ahok
  86. Have you formally left, or tried to leave, the Catholic Church?
  87. A Short and Incomplete History of Harassment of Agnostics/Atheists in AA
  88. Royal Commission corruption
  89. Marriage Equality is a Call to Action for the non-Religious
  90. Patreon Censoring the Anti Religious
  91. Petition to stop prayers in Parliament
  92. Targetting religious tax exemption for secular business - Australia
  93. A friend of ours in murder suicide
  94. Australian Chaplaincy Programme in Public Schools
  95. Religious Freedom review
  96. Public submissions to Philip Ruddock's review of religious freedom ( privilege)
  97. The Queensland Law Reform Commission Submissions re: Abortion laws
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