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  1. Defeat Of Flood Geology by Flood Geology [F]
  2. Using creation science to demonstrate evolution[FREE]
  3. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Interview
  4. Moment of Creation
  5. Joe Bloggs discusses fluoride.
  6. Souls
  7. Need some cash?
  8. Sci-Am advertising
  9. What is this?...cure for cancer? Can someone tell me the truth please.
  10. Why People Believed Fake Bomb Detectors Worked
  11. Spacetectonics the theory of existence!
  12. Skeptical of Psychiatry
  13. Theramin Trees on Pseudo Science
  14. The Chiropractic Compendium
  15. Berocca? Centrum?... hmm...
  16. Wooists go Tropo
  17. Quackwatch
  18. GM Food Paranoia.
  19. Manifesting
  20. 'Nature' editor's anti-science rant.
  21. PIP is all the go.
  22. How reliable is New Atlantis?
  23. Chiropractor fractures baby's spine
  24. Anti Depressants.
  25. Magic! Can anyone explain it?
  26. 'Angel' - the next evolutionary human?
  27. Dream Premonitions, Synchronous "Was Just Thinking of You!" Type Things
  28. Dinosaurs and pterosaurs in Greek and Roman art and literature? An investigation of y
  29. Researching the research – How to divorce pseudoscience from science
  30. Geology and religion in Portugal
  31. Astrology
  32. Atheism's Valiant Rear Guard Action irrelevant and ignored.
  33. Orgonite
  34. The Checkout
  35. Quelle surprise...
  36. Ken Harvey quits over Swisse-La Trobe deal
  37. Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications on Psi Research
  38. Wishful thinking?
  39. Sir David Attenborough: Enough With the Creationists and Climate Change Deniers!
  40. Call for circumcision gets a boost
  41. NHMRC - Australian's wasting money on homeopathy
  42. Myths & Realities: Arguments Against Anti-Vaxxors
  43. Durro Vs the YEC's.
  44. Precision in Nature: Evidence of God or Accidents?
  45. Oil pulling cures all
  46. What's the best way to deal with someone inveagled by wooism?
  47. What star sign are you?
  48. Binaural/Isochronic Beats
  49. PETA uses autism to scare parents into going vegan
  50. How to quack proof-linky
  51. Egypt claims to be able to cure AIDS/HIV
  52. Something To Believe In
  53. How to live healthy
  54. Advice for reporting a TCM quack
  55. It's rayneing homeopaths.
  56. Why can homeopaths still peddle their bullshit but I can't?
  57. Phillip Day, Neways and his tour....
  58. Testing the Spiritual
  59. Geocentrism 101 - Callout for excubitor
  60. Astrology & Horoscopes (warning: rant inside)
  61. Reiki my new least favorite.
  62. The Great Climate/PM Debacle of 2014
  63. Ooh Numerology
  64. Diet psuedo-bullshit
  65. Fake people detectors, really?
  66. Calling Buffy, hells gate found!
  67. CSIRO head wants to research water dowsing
  68. Age whisky in 24 hours!
  69. Sydney's Mind/Body/Spirit festival
  70. Amega Wands
  71. Einstein proved life after death?
  72. Texas Education goes backwards....
  73. Police hunt for hypnotist thief who put London bottle shop owner in a trance before r
  74. Pathetic kids of TCM belivers
  75. A very strange organisation
  76. drinking bleach
  77. Life as a phone *psychic*
  78. Sharkbanz
  79. "Natural Medicine" facepalm overdose
  80. Anti-Science Trends at Mid-Decade
  81. Jibbers Crabst
  82. Bowen Therapy/ physio doing weird things.
  83. Dying newborn 'saved' by chiropractor
  84. Wind farms cleared of health impacts
  86. Paleo diet for Kiddies. Oops.
  87. Lying for Profit
  88. Celll Food Nonsense!
  89. alternative altuitude medicine?
  90. Quantifying Hypnosis and Scientific Method.
  91. Is it lawful that SBS promotes TCM?
  92. TCM believers outraged by Kate Middleton not having confinement after birth
  93. The Ring Test
  94. Epigenetics and bio-history
  95. OVERSPILL: Vaccination survey
  96. Man arrested after cattle gallstone heist in southern Queensland
  97. Leunig disgraces himself - anti-vax crap
  98. Origin of the DNA deoxyribonucleic acid double helix : Only design provides compelli
  99. Pi is exactly 3
  100. A famous medical doctor in China is suspended for criticizing TCM
  101. Routers with "pregnant women mode" released in China
  102. Wind Turbine Symptoms, Diseases and Aberrant Behaviours
  103. Peak body for chiropractors to review membership obligations
  104. Philosophy Now fails spectacularly
  105. How to stop wet dreams
  106. Cell Membranes, origins through natural mechanisms, or design ?
  107. Kidspot bullshit
  108. Global Consciousness Project and the work of Roger D. Nelson
  109. Funny but sad indictment of the TGA
  110. Celebrity Advice
  112. Psychic and Wellbeing Expo
  113. WhooOOoooOOooo GhooOOooOOOst
  114. Telling the profound from nonsense!
  115. Faith Healer preying on the sick and dying!
  116. The Pegan Diet
  117. Radiation
  118. Lumosity
  119. University of Wollongong awards PhD in Woo mixed with Conspiracy
  120. Chiropractic Board of Australia ‘should be sacked’ over members' contentious claims
  121. Womb detox pills
  122. Alternative Morphine
  123. IV Clinics
  124. News Break, Zika virus caused by vaccines
  125. damodevo, vaccination and "feminist-left"
  126. I'm a celebrity evolution school
  127. Article on psychics
  128. Woo pedlar sought by Indonesian Police
  129. Magic Beetles
  130. Finally medical profession standing up to Chiropractors?
  131. Naturopathy should be illegal!
  132. Dobson's Neanderthal Iodine Deficiency
  133. Taxpayer-funder water diviner
  134. Ark Encounter Opened Today
  135. I can't believe I have to say it: a human life is worth more than a gorilla's
  136. Ask Questions
  137. Dodgy academic journals
  138. Chemtrails and other fun
  139. The flat earthers have finally jumped the shark
  140. Stockbrokers took advice from Psychic!
  141. Alternative therapy nealy kills child
  142. How Have I Never Seen This?
  143. Child's death 'most likely linked to consumption of unpasteurised milk', says coroner
  144. FTC new rules for homeopathic treatment
  145. Conspiracy Theories
  146. Fiji PM endorses InstaCharge, the app its creators claim can recharge your phone
  147. BP, you're peddling bullshit.
  148. Homeopathy for pets
  149. Random pseudoscience in books
  150. Nibiru...again
  151. Unproven alternative medicines recommended by third of Australian pharmacists
  152. Wherein I get to say "irresponsible fuck" in a National Newspaper
  153. Need answers
  154. Encinitas woman dead after turmeric IV infusion
  155. Shaquille O’Neal: ‘The Earth is Flat’ – Satellite Imagery is Fake
  156. ‘Aliens use my body’
  157. depression, it depresses me!
  158. The sweaty sock monster
  159. anti-vaxxers...again
  160. Diabetes Denial Quack Hongchi Xiao Arrested
  161. Holland's Society Against Quackery: 137 Years Old
  162. Jeebus Will Fix The Panet
  163. Mozambique: Thar's Gold In Them Thar Chrome Domes
  164. "Wellness" Can Be Quite Sickening
  165. Vicious Christian jailed for exorcism assault on daughter
  166. recommendations to ban homeopathic treatments
  167. A Canyon Full Of Utter, Ken-Ham-Flavoured, Balls
  168. Cafflick Science: Gluten Needed For Transubstantiation
  169. Anyone bored in Brisbane on July 24? Anti vaxer event
  170. Scientific Journals Publish Bogus Paper About Midi-chlorians from Star Wars
  171. Sensing Murder psychics 'entertainment value' according to show's researcher
  172. Scientists can't explain fairy circles! :-( [FREE, movies]
  173. Total Eclipse Of The Derp!
  174. UGANDA: The Mystery Porn Blocker Box Arrives
  175. Victorian Man Gave Himself Cyanide Poisoning Eating Apricot Kernels To Fight Cancer
  176. Quack like a duck, get soaked for lotsa $$$ - Gibson case
  177. We Missed Necro-Wibble Sunday!
  178. AUS: Company that offered testosterone treatments fined
  179. AUS: Child brain cancer cure trumped by wind farm fears
  180. D'oh, Canada! Ken Ham-sters disappointed at low idiocy rate
  181. Prediction: Flat-earther could be flattened
  182. Orgasms are bad for you (and yes, there will be bacon)
  183. Wellness bloggers..here comes another one!
  184. Historic Woo: "nervous ethereal balsam" and an electric throne!
  185. PNG - Where The Sick Get Wee
  186. Astounding revelations about Mt Agung
  187. Science of Imagination
  188. TURKEY: Steel Ark, Cell Phone, Nuke Power - Noah Way!
  189. Hole-istic Medicine: Orificial Surgery
  190. AUS: TV Adverts Could Begin Quacking Loudly
  191. Jeebus Jabs for all your ills?
  192. Wellness Bloggers...there goes another one!
  193. Homeopathy Explained
  194. Aliens for real....really?