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  1. Philosophy
  2. Sociobiology: Success equals longer life?
  3. What Happens When Half The World Stops Making Babies
  4. Friend or foe: Babies choose sides early
  5. With God on my side - Criminology and sociology of deviance
  6. Politics, Religion, Projection and Cognitive Dissonance
  7. False memories and fake political events
  8. White trash (Bogans): only group that it is "okay" to discriminate against?
  9. Morality: It's not just for humans
  10. Becoming an Atheist in America: Constructing Identity and Meaning from the Rejection
  11. Twitter Tribes: new research
  12. The Meaning of Secularism
  13. Who matters online: measuring influence, evaluating content and countering violent ex
  14. Refugee Facts
  15. Society: does it exist?
  16. Slithering snakes, angry men and out-group members : what and whom are we evolved to
  17. Laughter: gelotophobia, gelotophilia, and katagelasticism
  18. Health and Religiousity in Young Canadians
  19. Empathy and violence: exposure to violence reduces empathetic responses to other’s pa
  20. Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Criminality
  21. Diabetes: Social determinates
  22. Hair/eye colour variation: just for show?
  23. How many hours will you live?
  24. Are emotional intelligent workers also more empathic?
  25. Not Everything Is a Feminist Issue, for Chrissakes
  26. 1978 - best year ever?
  27. 'One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter'
  28. Orange: What does it mean to You?
  29. No, you’re not entitled to your opinion
  30. War, space, and the evolution of Old World complex societies
  31. Cyclist Rage
  32. What Useful Sources of Thinking and Wisdom are there?
  33. War on drugs failing
  34. Cults: Attraction and Traction.
  35. The Influence of Religiosity on Violent Behavior of Adolescents
  36. Young, Rich, White, Male, College-Educated, Straight, And In Love
  37. Do that deal in the morning!
  38. Racism Linked With Gun Ownership and Opposition to Gun Control in White Americans
  39. Building a career based on woo
  40. Terror Management
  41. Black death predated the small world
  42. Why does a brush with death make people turn to religion?
  43. 'Overpowered & Tyrannous'
  44. Some philosophical notions about evolution
  45. Archaeologists discover oldest profession 3,700 years ago
  46. Are Christian/religious people poor tippers?
  47. Religiousity is positively associated with lying.
  48. Alcohol Reverses Religion's Prosocial Influence on Aggression
  49. Cultures wars and purity
  50. Magic spells, truth and the law
  51. Okay, Coke and Huh?
  52. Life as a nonviolent psychopath
  53. Meta-analysis on intelligence & faith
  54. Pocket calculator: a humdrum ‘obviator’ in Papua New Guinea?
  55. Co-construction of narratives by stroke survivors and spouses
  56. Clothing & Age: The changing role of dress in the constitution of age
  57. ‘Being Santa Claus’: the pursuit of recognition in interactive service work
  58. Conjuring up traditions: atmospheres, eras and family Christmases
  59. The essences of multiculture: a sensory exploration of an inner-city street market
  60. FREE: ‘Why must I wait?’ The performance of legitimacy in a hospital emergency dept
  61. Blurred visions: experts, evidence and the promotion of moderate drinking
  62. Pride and prejudice: gay rights and religious moderation in Belfast
  63. Elementary Forms of the Metaphorical Life
  64. Youth Perspectives on Tech in Schools
  65. FREE: Epidemiology: Risky Drinking Patterns Are Being Continued into Pregnancy
  66. Trait Death Anxiety, Mortality Salience, and Occupational Heal
  67. I want to believe: some myths about the management of industrial safety
  68. Metacognition of Multitasking: How Well Do We Predict the Costs of Divided Attention?
  69. Harm to Those Who Serve: Effects of Direct and Vicarious Customer-Initiated Workplace
  70. Occupational hazards to the health of professional gardeners
  71. FREE: Preventing Workplace Violence: The Occupational and Environmental Health Nurse
  72. A ‘normal accident’ with a tower crane?
  73. Evaluation of Accelerated Aging of Commercial Drivers on Model of Biological Age Base
  74. Does beverage type and drinking context matter in an alcohol-related injury? Evidence
  75. Effects and Outcomes in Civilian and Military Traumatic Brain Injury
  76. Escape from Harm: Linking Affective Vision and Motor Responses During Active Avoidanc
  77. Housewives' accidents at work: a neglected phenomenon
  78. Vision, light and aging: A literature overview on older-age workers
  79. An exploration of emergency department presentations related to high heel footwear in
  80. How leaders differentially motivate safety compliance and safety participation: The r
  81. Investigating collective escape behaviours in complex situations
  82. Returning to the roots of culture: A review and re-conceptualisation of safety cultur
  83. FREE: Nursing students' attitude towards suicide attempters
  84. The limits of the photographic act as a metaphor for the assessment of organizational
  85. Findings: longitudinal study of 40,000 UK households
  86. Is sociology a science?
  87. Sick Leave Days and Costs Associated With Overweight and Obesity in Germany
  88. A booming economy means a bursting trauma system
  89. Researcher Trauma and Researchers’ Responses to Investigating Sexual Violence
  90. Financial and employment impacts of serious injury: A qualitative study
  91. Bullying among nursing staff
  92. Potential Public Health Hazards, Exposures and Health Effects from Unconventional Nat
  93. Youth Injury on Farms: A Complex Problem
  94. The effect of age on the relationships between work-related factors and heavy drinkin
  95. FREE - Scientific faith
  96. Crime, weather, and climate change
  97. Race and Respectability in Attributions of Responsibility for Acquaintance Rape
  98. Testing Johnson's Typology: Is There Gender Symmetry in Intimate Terrorism?
  99. Gender Equality and Violent Behavior: How Neighborhood Gender Equality Influences the
  100. Victims of Road Rage: A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Motorists and Vulnera
  101. Associations Between Women's Experiences of Sexual Violence and Forgiveness
  102. Social Norms for Intimate Partner Violence
  103. Factors Associated With College Women's Labeling of Sexual Victimization
  104. Is red the colour of danger? Testing an implicit red–danger association
  105. The meaning of occupation: A hermeneutic (re)view of historical understandings
  106. Office Workers' Objectively Measured Sedentary Behaviour and Physical Activity During
  107. Suicide on Facebook
  108. FREE: Gun violence in United States: in search for a solution
  109. Mumbai lunch box delivery system: A transferable benchmark in urban logistics?
  110. The Illusion of Control: Are There Benefits to Being Self-Deluded?
  111. Self-segregation of races in public areas
  112. Male-dominated societies are not more violent, study says
  113. The Criminological Cultivation of African American Municipal Police Officers
  114. Culture values
  115. What are all these people doing?
  116. A perceiver’s own abilities influence perception, even when observing others
  117. Does religious belief promote prosociality? A critical examination.
  118. FREE: Belief, morality, divine authority & non-utilitarian moral judgment
  119. For Better or Worse: Fundamentalists' Attitudes Toward Outgroups as a Function of Exp
  120. The Relation Between Intelligence and Religiosity
  121. FREE Qualitative study religious attitudes & motivations of philosophers of religion
  122. Research says young people today are more narcissistic than ever
  123. Philosophy: God cannot, as theology and philosophy teaches us, be “a” being at all.
  124. Descriptivist Theory-Chiropterous hominid
  125. Borderline Personality Disorder and religious/political fundamentalism
  126. Validation of selected temperament and personality questionnaires for diagnosing...
  127. Workplace bullying as an antecedent of mental health problems: a five-year study
  128. Routinely Armed and Unarmed Police: What can the Scandinavian Experience Teach us?
  129. Towards Reducing the Harm: Workplace Bullying as Workplace Corruption
  130. Girls Make Higher Grades than Boys in All School Subjects, Analysis Finds
  131. Atheism can make ya demented and die sooner, y'all
  132. NSW Humanists Symposium on the Enlightenment - 20 June
  133. Why Have Hurricanes Feminine Names Killed More People Than Ones With Masculine Names
  134. Why did our ancestors become farmers?
  135. Correlation between early swimming and cognition
  136. If religion makes people happy, why are so many dropping out?
  137. Cognitive distortions of religious professionals who sexually abuse children
  138. Belief in Hell makes people unhappy and afraid
  139. For Better or Worse: Fundamentalists' Attitudes Toward Outgroups as a Function of Exp
  140. “Lean not on your own understanding”: Belief that morality is founded on divine...
  141. The forces that shape us
  142. It's reigning men. How our convict past explains our glass ceiling
  143. Atheists, Agnostics, Spirituals, and Christians: Assessing Confirmation Bias within a
  144. Started Psych Degree
  145. Beliefs trump facts: cognitive bias thread.
  146. Sexy red: Perceived sexual receptivity mediates the red-attraction relation in men...
  147. Review of Big Gods: How Religion Transformed Cooperation and Conflict
  148. Sociology of Irreligion: a resource thread
  149. Sociological Narratives and the Sociology of Pentecostalism
  150. Between Rejection of Religion and World-Saving: Itinearies of Sociology & Postsecular
  151. The Evolutionary Argument for Atheism
  152. Forms of Atheism
  153. The Deity, Figured and Disfigured: Hume on Philosophical Theism and Vulgar Religion
  154. A network framework of cultural history
  155. Association between sexual orientation, religious beliefs and substance us
  156. Explaining Why More Americans Have No Religious Preference: Political Backlash and Ge
  157. University Students’ Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Parenting and LGBT Rights in Portugal
  158. Conservative funding of anti-climate change propaganda
  159. Why null results rarely see the light of day
  160. Did the historical Jesus exist? A growing number of scholars don’t think so
  161. Job boredom and its correlates in 87 Finnish organizations
  162. “Christians” and “bad Christians”: categorization in atheist user talk on YouTube
  163. The Ignored Religious Other: Atheist/Agnostic Pre-Service Teachers
  164. Truly Inclusive or Uniformly Liberal? An Analysis of the Politics of the Emerging Chu
  165. Non-governmental religious schools – increasing demand by decreasing religiosity
  166. Rejecting Evolution: The Role of Religion, Education, and Social Networks
  167. Determinants of the Contemporary Social Attitudes of Roman Catholics
  168. Assessing Students’ Opinion Regarding the Existence of the Soul (FULL and FREE - PDF)
  169. Assessing Students’ Opinion on Evolutionism by Statistical Met (FULL and FREE - PDF)
  170. PhD thesis survey
  171. See Eyewitness Fail - Right Before Your Eyes
  172. Atheists Seen as a Threat to Moral Values
  173. Religion, “Non-Religion” and Indigenous Peoples on the 2011 Australian
  174. There Are Plenty of Atheists in Foxholes—in Sweden
  175. Curtin Charities Report
  176. Religion, Religiosity and the Attitudes Towards Homosexuality—A Multi-Level Analysis
  177. Do Chimps Have Culture?
  178. ‘Positive Atheism': The Production Of Non-Religion Through Philanthropy
  179. The Evolutionary Argument for Atheism
  180. On Whitcomb's Grounding Argument for Atheism
  181. Capitalism: is it something that humanists should oppose?
  182. What Good is Religious Belief for Fear of Death and Grief?
  183. (Terrorism) From Uncertainty to Extremism: Social Categorization & Identity Processes
  184. Ticking “no religion”: A case study amongst “young nones”
  185. Secular or nonreligious? Investigating and interpreting generic ‘not religious’
  186. Cognitive Processes lead us to be conservative or progressive:
  187. We Are All Confident Idiots -
  188. First Contact - White people get educated on their white privilege
  189. The Study of Science Leads to Leftward Leanings
  190. Holy Safety Net! Religion and Recklessness
  191. Free: Work is good for you... maybe.
  192. Religious Discrimination in the Workplace: A Review
  193. Free: The Myth of the Angry Atheist
  194. Everything you think you know about the news is probably wrong
  195. Philosophy: What is knowledge?
  196. Say It Loud: I’m an Atheist, and I’m Proud
  197. Feelings of Entitlement Boost Creativity
  198. A series of footnotes to Hobbes
  199. Walk in Another's Shoes? Reflections on Empathy, Power and Privilege
  200. Psychologist Paul Bloom discusses the moral lives of children
  201. Shared Identity Is Key to Effective
  202. Why the post-racial label only perpetuates racism
  203. Subjective judgements influencing Christian beliefs about biological origins
  204. Genetically Modified Crops: why are ‘views’ at the heart of this debate?
  205. FREE - A Reading of The Evolution of Islamic Violence in the Western Mind
  206. Is Small Beautiful? Not for Driving Job Growth…
  207. The rise of robots in retail will be swift
  208. Empathy vs Sympathy (vs Compassion)
  209. Medieval Doodles
  210. America Is Built on Torture, Remember?
  211. Scientific evidence of kindness?
  212. Discrimination against Atheists Survey
  213. The Workmanship of Time
  214. The World as 100 People
  215. The Origins of Religious Disbelief
  216. Men more dissatisfied with extra chores in more gender equal countries
  217. 'Alcohol-fuelled' violence not caused by alcohol but by 'macho' culture.
  218. Complex societies evolved without belief in all-powerful deity
  219. What is Human Dignity?
  220. Lefty/liberals are not only better than conservatives, but happier. :-)
  221. Cooperation vs Competition
  222. Image & its Correlation with Prominence
  223. Sources of Disinformation everywhere
  224. How to get rid of "dole-bludgers"-pay them more!!
  225. Analysing religions
  226. Nirmukta (probably Indian Atheists)?
  227. FREE - What If They’re Right About the Afterlife?
  228. FREE - Work Hard or Pray Hard? Religion and Attitudes toward Work
  229. FREE - Integrating social networks and human social motives to achieve social influen
  230. FREE - The ecology of religious beliefs
  231. A belief in pure evil makes people want harsher retribution & punishments
  233. Quebec's Ethics and Religious Culture School Curriculum: A Critical Perspective
  235. FREE - Sociology of Altruism and Prosocial Behaviour
  236. Nuancing Czech Secularism and Debunking Assumptions of Atheism: Finding Spirituality
  237. Callout Annie: Top 20 Principles for Pre-K to 12 Education
  238. Powerful People Are Sensitive to Unfairness—If They're the Victims
  239. Just for fun...
  240. Can Bystander Videos Effectively Stop Police Misconduct?
  241. Research backs up the work of Pierre Bourdieu on the cultural elements of class
  242. No evidence that children of same sex couples negatively impacted, study shows
  243. The social construction of race
  244. How Children From Different Societies Divvy Up Rewards
  245. FULL and FREE - Familial Relationship Outcomes of Coming Out as an Atheist
  246. Choosing Altruism
  247. Axis History Forum
  248. Collapse of cooperation in evolving games [FREE]
  249. The world is getting better all the time, in 11 maps and charts
  250. The Logic of Double Standard Hypocrisy