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  1. Creating Indestructible Self-Healing Circuits
  2. batteries 10X the energy density in 1 year!
  3. Critical Linux Vunerability
  4. Cybersecurity and Quantum Mechanics
  5. Murder on Spaceship One, call 9...?
  6. Researcher Controls Colleague's Motions in First Human Brain-To-Brain Interface
  7. Looking for an UPS
  8. A gut-bug's full of gas?
  9. Organ Bioprinting
  10. Compact Fusion Reactor plans
  11. Graphene origami opens up new spintronics features
  12. Flying jellyfish y'all [FREE]
  13. Bitcoin the currency and the Blockchain
  14. Sugar-powered biobattery
  15. Get away from her, you bitch!
  16. Nano-paper filter removes viruses
  17. Download Youtube Videos Quickly and Easily
  18. Hybrid Control of Supply Chains
  19. quickbooks
  20. Satellie Tracker
  21. Kickoff looms for demo of brain-controlled machine
  22. Computer chatbot 'Eugene Goostman' passes the Turing test
  23. Scientific skinful - health and electronic tattoos
  24. The 'Cannae' Microwave Engine
  25. Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies[FREE
  26. Space elevator
  27. new benchmark for quantum computing.
  28. World's Simplest Electric Train
  29. Sources on Technological Frontiers
  30. Oldowan technology behind genesis of language and teaching
  31. Humin mussels grown in lavatory-Hey, I'm bored! :-( {FREE}
  32. Exercise? Fuck that! Take a hormone pill! :-)
  33. Aluminium Ion Battery - a game changer
  34. Biotechnology Thread
  35. When was the first GMO?
  36. Military Technology Website
  37. Vantablack
  38. High Cycle Memory Alloys
  39. Nukemap
  40. Robot bricklayer
  41. New solar cells with twice the efficiency FREE
  42. Engineering Protocells: Prospects for Self-Assembly and Nanoscale Production-Lines
  43. Carbon nanofibres made from CO2 in the air
  44. Completely paralyzed man voluntarily moves his legs
  45. Eat shit....and be cured! :-) [You don't have to eat it really] :-).FREE
  46. Leaf designed by humans [FREE]
  47. Ultra-hard glass
  48. The next revolution of super weapons
  49. Cherry 2000 stole my job at the brothel!
  50. tHE bORG are here! Do you want chips with that? [FREE]
  51. Helium Plasma
  52. Tiny tiny pictures
  53. Old world solution to hi tech problem
  54. Out door airconditioning
  55. Reusable Rockets
  56. Catalyst WiFi episode
  57. New Spaceship Two Unveiled
  58. Y2K Revisited
  59. Robot bullied by human
  60. Stance and Sentiment in Tweets (inc Tweets about #Atheism)
  61. Australia solar power
  62. Driverless Cars: We all want them, but don't want to ride in them!
  63. Is Human Composting the Future of Urban Burial?
  64. the Vaticanís New Confession Finder App
  65. Bill Gates: This is why we should tax robots
  66. Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water
  67. Small Launches For Small Loads
  68. Artificial Heaven
  69. Driverless cars: Kangaroos throwing off animal detection software
  70. Cardboard Minehunter Robot: $US65 Each
  71. Herniated disc? Replace it with glass!
  72. Countering Lawful Abuses of Digital Surveillance
  73. No more laundry!
  74. Solar powered self filling thorium freakin hyperloops
  75. Algae-based microrobots attack cancer cells without damaging healthy ones
  76. SPACE: Voyager One Thrusters Work.
  77. MARS: The Little Rover That Could... And Continually Did!
  78. SPACE: The Final Pun-tier.
  79. NZ: Up Goes A Bright Idea
  80. Want To Be A Vocal Atheist For A Good Cause? Voicebank!
  81. VIC: Firefighting After Dark - Greenlit
  82. 2b in new trains, an infrastructure triumph!
  83. SYD: Cyborg Gets Under Skin Of Ticket Inspectors