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  1. Human Evolution
  2. A nice paper on how RNA's effect expression
  3. Spiders and friends
  4. Boyer:amoebae as a melting pot in emergence of chimeric microorganisms
  5. Enke (2011) "Shrinking genomes".
  6. Glass: Essential genes of a minimal bacterium
  7. Hunziker: GeneticFlexOf Regulatory Networks
  8. Norberg(2011) Horiz gene tranfer [open]
  9. Bacteria In wasps produce anti-biotics
  10. Garnham (2011): Anti-freeze proteins
  11. New Forensic tech on old DNA samples
  12. Interlocking Rings of DNA Visible [not open]
  13. Eye Grown From Stem Cells [not open source but)
  14. DNA origami/molecular engineering [not free]
  15. The Eyes Have It: Dinosaurs Hunted by Night
  16. Evolution Of the Mammalian Ear
  17. Evolution & Diversity-Early Mammals
  18. Using RNAi to temp switch of genes to study
  19. Evo Persist OfFunctional Compensation Dupes
  20. Gullability may be sign of dementia.
  21. Successful Blueprints Recycled by Evolution
  22. How To Evade an evolving Brood parasite
  23. Genes Involved in Eusociality Evo In Bees
  24. Three Periods of Regulatory Innovation During Vertebrate Evolution
  25. Movies Of Embryo Devt [Free Movies & PDF]
  26. Evolution of Shape by Multiple Regulatory Changes to a Growth Gene
  27. On the difficulty of increasing dental complexity
  28. Birds have paedomorphic dinosaur skulls
  29. Arrested embryonic development: a review of strategies to delay hatching in egg-layin
  30. Scientists Identify Protein Required to Regrow Injured Nerves in Limbs
  31. Long Term Evolution Experiments {mainly Lenski}
  32. Medicine Thread
  34. Construction Notes -Please Ignore
  35. Evolutionary Developmental Biology ["EVO-DEVO']
  36. Selectively altering belief formation in the human brain.
  37. encephalization in bats, carnivorans, and primates.
  38. A new model of empathy: the rat
  39. Phobia?
  40. Neanderthals with humans in Spain? R-C data says no.
  41. New Kind of Extinct Flying Reptile Discovered
  42. Playtime: Affectionate, Less Controlling Mothers Have Strongest Relationships With Th
  43. Monogamous Birds Read Partner's Food Desires
  44. Stereo and serial sniffing guide navigation to an odour source in a mammal
  45. T-helper-1-cell cytokines drive cancer into senescence
  46. ScienceShot: First Evidence of Life Under Antarctic Ice
  47. Ancestor of All Placental Mammals Revealed
  48. Are viruses living?
  49. Biology resources
  50. Virus and Genes Involved in Causation of Schizophrenia [FREE]
  51. Dollo's Law: Might Mites survive without humans? Evolution in reverse.
  52. Tiny Piece of RNA Keeps 'Clock' Running in Earliest Stages of Life
  53. Gene Transfer from Bacteria and Archaea Facilitated Evolution of an Extremophilic Euk
  54. Hope for Threatened Tasmanian Devils
  55. Antibiotics Are Unique Assassins
  56. Mummy CT Scans Show Preindustrial Hunter Gatherers Had Clogged Arteries
  57. Length of DNA Strands Can Predict Life Expectancy
  58. "biplane" dino-birds
  59. Adaptive Evolution of Multiple Traits Through Multiple Mutations at a Single Gene
  60. Understanding the Enemy [SARS] + podcast
  61. Evolution via Roadkill
  62. Smell those genes, and no, i'm not taking the piss, but mice do
  63. Evolution via Roadkill
  64. Science Special: Australopithecus sediba (A relative of humans) FREE
  65. Solution to organ donor problem...within our lifetimes?
  66. African coelacanth genome provides insights into tetrapod evolution FREE
  67. Neural Marker of Perceptual Consciousness in Infants
  68. mechanisms of host manipulation across host and parasite taxa
  69. Special issue On Experimental Evolution [FREE]
  70. the celibacy gene
  71. Adaptive dynamics under development-based genotype-phenotype maps
  72. Iraq fossil Revolutionizes Understanding of Ancient Dolphin-Like Mar
  73. Mutant Cockroaches
  74. How did orangutans get to Indonesia?
  75. Evolution Theory or Fact?
  76. People lack understanding of evolution in general
  77. Dinosaurís compensation claim against God!
  78. Grandmothers Crucial for Evolution.
  79. esophagus/trachea orientation.
  80. Efficiency of Human Body
  81. Evolutionary origins of the avian brain
  82. Frankenbulls
  83. Evolutionists fight over mammalian family tree
  84. A latent capacity for evolutionary innovation through exaptation in metabolic systems
  85. The Interplay between selection & contraints in archosaur [crocs & birds] development
  86. Self-extinction through optimizing selection {FREE}
  87. Just how easy is it to herd cats? [Evo of Human Coops]
  88. New evidence for early presence of hominids in Nth China
  89. "Naughty" pork-munching long before Allah was born [FREE]
  90. Life from mars theo...no hypothessis!
  91. OoL: Are we Martians after all??
  92. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about poop??
  93. Poverty Impedes Cognitive Function
  94. Lab Dishes Up Mini-Brains
  95. Population-genomic insights into the evolutionary origin and fate of obligately asexu
  96. Genome-wide signatures of convergent evolution in echolocating mammals
  97. The genetic basis of female multiple mating in a polyandrous livebearing fish
  98. Swimming and diving behavior in apes
  99. Repeated colonization of remote islands by specialized mutualists
  100. Constraints and flexibility in mammalian social behaviour
  101. Can migrants escape from density dependence
  102. phenotypic evolution in Dictyostelia highlights developmental plasticity from multice
  103. One way the tolerance to toxins evolve?
  104. Reproductive costs for everyone: How female loads impact human mobility strategies
  105. Russian EvoBIOL website with an interesting bibliography
  106. Recent de novo origin of human protein-coding genes [FREE]
  107. Bird odour predicts reproductive success
  108. Brain Wiring Quiets the Voice Inside Your Head
  109. Parenting as a Reaction Evoked by Childrenís Genotype
  110. Health Benefits From Alcohol
  111. One parasite may be better than none
  112. Travelling Palms
  113. Dinos, erm i mean croc-lizzard thingies FREE
  114. Functioning 'Mechanical Gears' Seen in Nature for First Time
  115. Your Inner Fish - doco
  116. Toxoplasmic mice lose their fear of cats, no clear Schizophrenia link
  117. Holy water may be bad for your health!
  120. Off the cuff measures aid in heart attack recovery
  121. Have we met before? I will just look up my File Allocation Table, please wait....:-)
  122. Ancestral deceit and labile evolution of nectar production in the African orchid
  123. A brood parasite selects for its own egg traits
  124. elephants distinguish aggressive tiger and leopard growls according to perceived dang
  125. Blood test to determine sexuality?
  126. psychopathy: imagining another in pain does not evoke empathy [FREE]
  127. A recent paper on biology :-)
  128. Scientists come face to face with evolution's missing link
  129. Help combat junk science from creationists
  130. Humans in Plasticine South America, or summat?
  131. Fossils Push Origin of Flowering Plants Back 100 Million Yrs [FREE] Earl
  132. If only ESP22 worked on humans! The RC church should buy a million litres.
  133. Early Mammal Varieties Declined as Evolution of Flowering Plants Radiated
  134. Scientists grow mini brains from stem cells
  135. Sten's Theory of Relativity.
  136. The Grammar of Happiness
  137. Need to pee
  138. Marmoset Monkeys Know Polite Conversation
  139. Evolution theory shaken by new skull find
  140. 50 Years on: the legacy of William Donald Hamilton [FREE]
  141. Negative frequency-dependent selection: the rare male effect
  142. African-American's Y chromosome sparks shift in evolutionary timetable
  143. Microbially Induced Sedimentary Structures 3.48 Billion-Year-Old
  144. Lenski love you long time: the experiment that just keeps on giving.
  145. Domesticity vs wilderness
  146. Ubiquity of NDEs: 'white light'.
  147. Verity of Genders
  148. Can Natural Selection promote evolvability??
  149. Deep conservation of cis-regulatory elements in metazoans
  150. Zombie DNA: pick up scraps of grt,great-grandma's DNA
  151. And your local anti-cancer doc is....your gut bacteria!
  152. Elements of consciousness in animals {FREE}
  153. Vision and the light environment [FREE]
  154. Body Perception in Newborns
  155. Loss of Schooling Behavior in Cavefish
  156. Colossal New Predatory Dino Terrorized Early Tyrannosaurs
  157. Minke whale genome and aquatic adaptation in cetaceans [FREE]
  158. Scientists Find Brain Region That Helps You Make Up Your Mind
  159. Evidence for a recent origin of pengys
  160. evolutionary tuning for nsake detection
  161. Bonobo under threat from human activity
  162. High fat diet breast cancer risk during puberty
  163. Gene Mutation for Excessive Alcohol Drinking Found
  164. Your brains are in your jeans-no thats not quite right:-)
  165. The Innate Growth Bistability and Fitness Landscapes of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
  166. Exploring the Evolution of Human Mate Preference
  167. Mere Presence of Males Shortens Females' Lifespan
  168. When was the first known latrine?
  169. Energy Expenditure during Sexual Activity in Young Healthy Couples
  170. The More (mating with males)the Better: Polyandry in Salamanders
  171. Crocs with guns
  172. Thy mother was a sea-walnut!
  173. Cavefish Study Supports Controversial Evolutionary Mechanism."
  174. The Hidden Codes That Shape Protein Evolution
  175. Long-Term Dynamics of Adaptation in Asexual Populations
  176. Study links junk food to memory loss
  177. Genome dynamics during experimental evolution
  178. Gene regulation by antisense transcription
  179. Rapid evolution of cooperation in group-living animals [FREE]
  180. Different evolutionary pathways underlie the morphology of wrist bones in hominoids
  181. the Cayenne tick: phylogeography and evidence for allopatric speciation
  182. population size fluctuations and associated stochasticity dramatically change host-pa
  183. The maintenance of sex: Ronald Fisher meets the Red Queen [FREE]
  184. Incest may have led to Neanderthals' demise.
  185. How Cooperation Defeats Cheats [Birds]
  186. Amborella Genome and the Evolution of Flowering Plants.
  187. Brain Connections May Explain Why Girls Mature Faster
  188. python genome reveals the molecular basis for extreme adaptation
  189. Founder niche constrains evolutionary adaptive radiation
  190. the relationship between phylogenetic distance and invasibility
  191. Edentulism, beaks, and biomechanical innovations in the evolution of theropod
  192. Collective polarization model for gradient sensing via Dachsous-Fat intercellular sig
  193. modulation of transcriptional bursting in a single mammalian gene
  194. signals across protein lineages help capture multiple protein conformations
  195. Optimal control of gene expression for fast proteome adaptation to environmental chan
  196. Chordin forms a self-organizing morphogen gradient in the extracellular space
  197. Repeated elevational transitions in hemoglobin function
  198. cobra genome reveals dynamic gene evolution and adaptation in venom
  199. Protein recognition and selection through conformational and mutually induced fit.
  200. variation of p53 gene provides adaptive apoptotic responses to extreme environments
  201. Believe in meiosis? We can fix that!
  202. Ikky virus thingies, [bacteriophages]
  204. Reach out and touch, somebody's hand....
  205. Human Origins
  206. Shark genome provides insights into gnathostome evolution FREE
  207. Tiktaalik below the belt
  208. OMG! First Plastic Cell With Working Organelle (1 FREE PAPER)
  209. How Could Dinosaurs Weigh Up to 80 Tons? [3 FREE PAPERS]
  210. Smells Like Queen Since the Cretaceous
  211. Many Paths to the Origin of Life
  212. Modelling biological evolution: Morozov [FREE]
  213. the Origin of Tetrapod Digits [FREE]
  214. Mineral Baths
  215. Fathers' experiences of fatigue and its consequences when parenting 1-4 year olds
  216. Children Of A Greater God: Superior Vision In The Mantis Shrimp
  217. canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT).
  218. mRNA, Live and Unmasked [Free movies {I hope!}]
  219. A Paleogenomic Perspective on Evolution and Gene Function
  220. Risky Ripples Allow Bats and Frogs to Eavesdrop on a Multisensory Sexual Display
  221. The Epigenetics Heretic
  222. Origin and Spread of de Novo Genes in Drosophila melanogaster Pops
  223. Al-Qaeda! Cells Control Temporal Association Memory
  224. The onset of childhood amnesia in childhood [FREE]
  225. Can I smell your boobies, said the fruit fly[OPEN]
  226. Interplanetary Dust Deliver Water and Organics to Jump-Start Life On
  227. Female partner preferences enhance offspring ability to survive an infection
  228. an epigenetic model of the origin of paired fins[FREE]
  229. Living cold-water coral reef discovered off Greenland
  230. Brain regions thought to be uniquely human share many similarities with monkeys
  231. Novel Giant Siphovirus from Bacillus anthracis [FREE]
  232. Yersinia pestis and the Plague of Justinian 541?543 AD
  233. It will have blood, they say; blood will have blood.
  234. A Mechanosensory Pathway to the Drosophila Circadian Clock.
  235. Chemical Warfare in the Battle of the Sexes
  236. Genetic interactions are at least as important as genes.
  237. Clock mechanisms that trigger flower development
  238. Gene expression patterns associated with caste and reproductive status [FREE]
  239. Information Gain in the Brainís Resting State: Autism [FREE]
  240. Promiscuous Intermediate Underlies the Evolution of LEAFY DNA Binding Specificity
  241. Interchromosomal Communication Coordinates Intrinsically Stochastic Expression Betwee
  242. The evolutionary-developmental origins of multicellularity.[FREE]
  243. Mapping the Epigenetic Basis of Complex Traits.
  244. Mammalian Inner Retinal Photoreception [FREE]
  245. Recovering supressed memories after leaving christianity
  246. Impulsiveness and Head Injury in Professional Fighters
  247. Human lung made in lab for first time
  248. The Robustness and Evolvability of Transcription Factor Binding Sites
  249. Single Gene Affects Both Ecological Divergence and Mate Choice
  250. Awesome response to stupid anti-vaxxer