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  1. Mercy Ministries
  2. Permanent Ambassador to Vatican
  3. Blasphemy offensive? God no
  4. Good bye free speech in the UN...
  5. Toronto Bus Campaign approved
  6. Child sex offences: NSW priest charged
  7. Islam, the Religion of Peace?
  8. Muslim-only housing in W.A?
  9. Saudi judge sentences pregnant gang-rape victim to 100 lashes for committing adultery
  10. Christopher Hitchens Beat Up By Lebanese Thugs During Street Brawl
  11. Letter to the Australian
  12. Peter Costello Australia Day Address to Catch The Fire Ministries
  13. vatican says atheist theories absurd
  14. LNP pledge more money to independent and catholic schools
  15. HREOC - Submissions to the Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st century project
  16. Humand Rights Act
  17. whiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!
  18. God not dead but religion dying (NZ survey)
  19. Moves afoot to counter God's sway over the ballot box
  20. Christianity against music festival
  21. Group targets school kids in atheism drive - The Christian Institute
  22. Atheist Nexus "Freedom of Religion" Submission
  23. Ireland's blasphemy law
  24. Christians pray for the death of military religious freedom advocates in Jesus name
  25. Religious Fundementalism banned in schools: Sweden
  26. Article from New York Times
  27. Jesus iPhone Application - Banned
  28. Atheist preparing for the end of days - cashing in on the apocolypse
  29. Catholic (im)morality revealed, again.
  30. Enjoy!
  31. Child Witches
  32. Cardinal Cormac calls atheists not human
  33. Why does Australia need a Bill of Rights?
  34. Guns & God
  35. Obama White House Meets with (Gasp!) Atheists
  36. witch children in nigeria
  37. The Tory Shepherd Appreciation Thread
  38. A Picture That Makes me Cringe!
  39. Church members jailed over fatal exorcism
  40. KRudd, Abbott & Costello, little JohnJohn, Malcolm Cock'n'Bull are all guilty!!
  41. Dawkins sets up kids’ camp to groom atheists
  42. State School Faith-Based Mumbo Jumbo Indoctrination
  43. Pray For a Saint!!
  44. The Family - C Street
  45. Turkish TV gameshow looks to convert atheists
  46. Letter in The Sunday Age
  47. Council plan to keep strip clubs away from churches
  48. "Imposing upon of society the secular agenda of a few..."
  49. Creationism question in 'misleading' science GCSE
  50. How many kids have to die???!!
  51. Ha Ha!!! 7yo Boy escapes church by stealling family car....
  52. Saved by faith, not by works
  53. Crikey article
  54. Freedom of Religion - American style
  55. Girl Dies While Parents Pray
  56. Bus driver doesn't like driving an Atheist Bus
  57. Atheists Cause Global Warming...
  58. Annoying advertising?
  59. Mexico Hijacking Ends With Arrest of Suspect Inspired by God
  60. News: Church altar smites devout catholic
  61. Police Bibles: WTF
  62. Religious instruction in NSW schools
  63. Church groups set to get 'limited discrimination'
  64. Scripture threatened by ethics.
  65. Iraqis Shocked as Atheism Creeps in
  66. religious freedom = right to discriminate
  67. Public School Chaplains
  68. Gold Coast teen charged for wearing blasphemous T-shirt
  69. NEWS: Focus on Family banned from ACT Schools
  70. Governor David de Kretser, Genesis is not my belief
  71. ACU VC raving
  72. Catholics opposed to sex educations
  73. Joe Hockey in SMH on god is good
  74. The salami sandwich
  75. Just another apology from pollies..
  76. AFA Responds to Diatribe Against Atheists
  77. Rudd bends over again
  78. Letters to the editor - the whole story - Meta content
  79. Gap widens between science, religion
  80. Catholic church leads the fight in Africa against AIDS
  81. Swiss minarets
  82. Atheists Call for Crusade Against Abbott
  83. Parliament of World Religions - WHAT A JOKE
  84. adultery
  85. Godless Gross
  86. The letters to the editor SMH
  87. Bus campaign taking off in NZ
  88. Thanks for the laugh, Sunday Mail!
  89. UN publishes IHEU statement on child abuse and the Holy See
  90. Discussion re Proposed Internet Filtering
  91. Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow.
  93. The Tony Abbott Thread
  94. Letters to the editor - Internet Censorship
  95. Pull the other one Cardinal Pell
  96. Because oils ain't oils!
  97. 3AW right now: Religion in Schools!
  98. Should atheists hold public office? - actual debate in North Carolina
  99. Vatican thumbs up for Karl Marx after Galileo, Darwin and Oscar Wilde
  100. A non-miracle in the SMH
  101. Tassie Buses
  102. Uncle Sam to honour an Atheist nun.
  103. I have been published in "The Guardian"
  104. I wonder how theists would explain this?
  105. Bastard fundamentalists.
  106. Sharia Law : coming to a country near you
  107. Australian Imans.
  108. The Age article "Beyond Belief"
  109. My Local Newspaper
  110. Miracle Cure for Kathleen Evans??
  111. Pope slams gay marriages as 'attack on creation' - Herald Sun: 12/Jan
  112. Couple kills baby in sacrificial ritual
  113. Religous fanatic might get away with murdering abortion doctor
  114. Pat Robertson Calls Haiti Quake 'blessing in Disguise'
  115. Xian Visa Troubles - "Suing the Devil" (Malcolm McDowell)
  116. fighting against God = the death penalty
  117. New letters to the editor
  118. Custom plate rejected
  119. How not to help those suffering in Haiti
  120. How Ironic!!! Russians get sick after drinking holy water :)
  121. Tony Abbott - women's virginity is 'a precious gift'
  122. Pope Decries Religious Indifference
  123. Catholic Church looks to India for priests
  124. Rape victim receives 101 lashes for becoming pregnant
  125. Vatican 'damaged' by row over rape victim aged 9
  126. Haiti detains 'child trafficker' christians
  127. Americans to "Save" Darwin (the city)
  128. enmity against god = death in Iran
  129. The end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell??
  130. Faux Neus - Bigoted broadcaster?
  131. Ryan Report orders 'seeking taxpayer bail-out on costs'
  132. Sheik loses his "rights" to "send condolences" to families of dead soldiers
  133. Science teacher burns crucifixes into students arms
  134. The Barney Zwartz general-purpose bucket
  135. Age Article
  136. "Out of touch" Catholic Church might be doomed
  137. When is Education NOT Education ?
  138. iPhone app pitches climate change science against scepticism
  139. Council Blessing at Nillumbik Council
  140. Stabbed child was a cherished gift from God
  141. Coming soon to a courtroom near you...
  142. Elton John says Jesus was gay
  143. Christian teacher arrested for alleged sex with student
  144. George to debate an atheist
  145. Politician gets secular
  146. Homeopathy finally shown the door ?
  147. Irish Catholic Church survival may depend on meeting with Pope
  148. No beauty, less brains
  149. Baby who failed to say 'Amen' starved by cult
  150. When it doesn't rain, it pours...
  151. Guardian: Republicans v secular America - 2012 Presidential Candidates
  152. Rio's Christ takes a tumble
  153. Atheism book found in home linked to fire suspect
  154. But wait, there's more censorship misery...a must read!
  155. Evil Atheists visit White House
  156. Christian schools angry over ban on teaching creationism
  157. Irish Bishop asks Catholics to help pay sex abuse compensation
  158. Games rating call gets 55,000 submissions
  159. Creationism could slip into science classes
  160. WE are to blame, apparently...
  161. Vatican hit by gay sex scandal
  162. funny news and stupid news
  163. Looks like God is trying to wash you away
  164. Catherine Deveny banned in Mildura
  165. Dawkins SBS interview by Negus
  166. Bringing Sharia to Australia
  167. Richard Dawkins on Q & A
  168. Guess what's at QUT today!?
  169. Pagan wedding getting media spin
  170. Herald Sun
  171. In a state where you can marry your sister or brother....
  172. It's official, satan at work in the vatican.
  173. a new wedge?
  174. Irish Minister plans referendum to scrap blasphemy law
  175. Andrew Bolt thinks that we are barbarians
  176. Two things from todays Australian
  177. These are not the droids you are looking for.....
  178. Separation of church and state....I don't think so.
  179. This is Nuts!
  180. Atheists & Left Wingers have Higher IQ!
  181. Painful facts in America
  182. Atheist Ireland protect Australian Free Speech in Ireland
  183. In God's Name
  184. Greece targets church in massive tax grab...
  185. What's a 'jiggy flick'?
  186. Atheist week on Facebook
  187. Dawkins on unbelieving priests
  188. A little bit more good news
  189. Dinangat Culture Being Destroyed
  190. Pope's letter story
  191. Guru tries to kill sceptic - and fails...
  192. “Probably” isn’t enough in the argument against God
  193. Exploding Breast Implants
  194. Earth Hour 2010 Tonight!
  195. Scrapping the Chaplaincy Program - Greens call for counsellors not chaplains
  196. Christian terrorists - hundreds massacred, hundreds kidnapped
  197. Student atheist’s mini-documentary wins award
  198. WOW the face of Jebus yet again!
  199. Reserve Bank Governor is a Christian
  200. Hitchens taking the Vatican and Pope to task on sex abuse scandal
  201. looks like the yank christians are abit unhappy about a new minister
  202. "Thank God We're Not All Atheists" says new Parramatta Archbishop
  203. God, the Christian Socialist and the Mad Monk
  204. Unholy enthusiasm
  205. More hate from the church
  206. Christian leaders use Easter to attack atheism
  207. Catholic minister first population minister
  208. The Greatest Battle in History!
  209. Apparently we need God or we will be lonely??
  210. Apparently we're losing the war...
  211. Abbott says don't verbal Jesus
  212. Sex Crimes & the Vatican, BBC Panorama
  213. Collateral Murder!
  214. The right to bear arms (but not legs apparently)
  215. woman-wants-buddha-statues-banned-from-hope-valley-nursing-home
  216. Another example of why religion is f*@ked in the head
  217. Have we been vilified?
  218. Retaining their culture, within ours
  219. Pope Benedict balked at defrocking California priest over molestation
  220. USM Professor responds to New Atheism
  221. RE in Schools - Article in "The Age"
  222. Richard Dawkins to arrest Pope
  223. You can't teach ethics without referring to Christianity
  224. Aussies safer in a strip club than a church, figures show
  225. Catholic Bishop blames Jews for attacks against Catholic Church over child sex abuse
  226. Vatican makes peace with the Beatles
  227. Atheist wallpaper from Sydney Anglicans
  228. The refugee problem
  229. Sinead O'Connor and the popes
  230. Vatican blames child sex scandal on gay priests
  231. Miranda Devine: Evildoers, not Pope, to blame
  232. Hungry Beast yesterday: church scandal
  233. Source of Bible Covenant with God discovered?
  234. Jamie Kilstein on Hack (Triple J)
  235. Burqa Ban Thread
  236. Artistic License??
  237. Sex fuels earthquakes, says Iran cleric
  238. ABC Radio discussion re: secular ethics classes.
  239. Atheist PM in UK?
  240. Ethics classes to face delay. Update
  241. Chickens come home to roost?
  242. 7,500 Online Shoppers Unknowingly Sold Their Souls
  243. One of our members has strayed.. !
  244. Awesome pics of the volcano
  245. Peter Singer gives his view.
  246. State school students denied free transport.
  247. Pope vows to confront clerical sex abuse
  248. 'Talking to the dead'
  249. NSW schools to begin ethics class pilot
  250. Christians do switch off their brains!