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  4. PROOF that the Bible is REPULSIVE
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  8. The HALAL and KOSHER thread: religious food fads.
  9. Pastor Steve Wakeford - Menai Anglican Church, Sydney - One Big Miracle Thread
  10. Faith & reason are not polar opposites
  11. Excellent forum idea
  12. Gospel Of Thomas
  13. Welcome to Belief Central and RUST
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  15. Bubbles and Big Bangs
  16. Questions about Christianity
  17. Pastor Chris (Moral Christian)
  18. Inconsistencies in Atheistic 'so called' logic on discussions about faith & reason
  19. The Science of Love
  20. Atheists answer to Einstein propaganda
  21. I'd like to know from a believer...
  22. Atheist Awaiting Conversion
  23. The problem of Evil, a question for theists
  24. Jesus vs' Religion (Christianity is not a religion)
  25. Jesus' Gospel
  26. Pete Crowther unanswered questions
  27. Mr Ag Nostic
  28. Christian Miracles
  29. The island inhabitants
  30. VenomFangX website taken down by his parents
  31. Christ's resurrection is historically valid
  32. After reading this....
  33. Some interesting science
  34. Veni, Vedi, Recendo
  35. Don't you people ever get tired?
  36. Twenty Of The Twelve Apostles
  37. Agnostic Bishop says let in the non-believers
  38. You want the Truth?
  39. The big Scientology "bucket-o-clams": everything in Hubbard's Cupboard
  40. christianity and drugs
  41. Look boss! Da plane!
  42. Science Vs. Religion
  43. Ergo Sum Burrito
  44. Reality: A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there...
  45. Prof. Richard Dawkins vs' Dr. John Lennox
  46. The Big Bucket For Buddhism: This is one with everything!
  47. Life without religion...
  48. goddamn it
  49. jesus all about lies
  50. It's A Shame About Ray. (Our first islamotroll)
  51. Does God have free will?
  52. For Those Stranded on Fantasy Island - Points to Ponder
  53. God's wife
  54. Why would god let this happen? (Warning: Some Graphic Images)
  55. God Is Just and Loving
  56. Homosexuality is not a sin!
  57. The Russian was right
  58. America is the Whore of Babylon
  59. Islam is not a race!
  60. Are Atheists humans?
  61. "The big bang theory is a religion" (this was too stupid not to post)
  62. Flat earth society
  64. A very simple question
  65. The Privileged Planet
  66. Astrology and its evolution
  67. why cant i do anything
  68. A case for god
  69. lets argue
  70. The Earth is the center of the universe... you what?!
  71. Sockdog: A Compendium
  72. David Icke and Conspiracy Theories
  73. the real jesus
  74. OK, Who's going to admit responsibility eh?
  75. Jesus Christ We Welcome You
  76. Do Your Homework!
  77. Greets!
  78. The Mysterious Man
  79. Which Myth?
  80. A question for the Christians.
  81. Rationality - God cannot not exist
  82. What if this was your last day?
  83. Why do I see christians telling me what atheists believe???
  84. Thank you Christians for saving civilisation.
  85. Closing threads
  86. A rational debate anybody?? No i didnt think so...
  87. Is God biased? Is it fair to save only some?
  88. To lie for ones God.
  89. Not an atheist - convince me. Making this a coming out story depends on you.
  90. Naturally-occurring characteristics which attract religious persecution
  91. One on One
  92. The Past, the Present, and the Future
  93. I'm an atheist but I will believe if...
  94. Jebus H X
  95. One of the worse mental disorders in the world...
  96. Karma
  97. Theists: why do you disappoint me so? why are you so easy on me?
  98. Morality and sanity without a holy book
  99. Unmerited Favour...
  100. Naturalism and Scientism are floored worldviews
  101. If Atheists 'don't believe in Religion...'
  102. Folk Music
  103. The End of the World!!
  104. Logical conundrum
  105. Religion is literally a pain for some women like her...
  106. To the theists
  107. Atheism - The tl;dr version.
  108. Some questions for Digitalos
  109. Inherent Existential Purpose: fundamentals of the argument
  110. I Don't Recall - References at Digitalos Request
  111. Theists guide to debating atheists
  112. Some reflections on honesty and dishonesty for the potential theist poster
  113. EVIL
  114. The Integration of Science
  115. I Experienced first hand a (God - Alien - Demon - Pixie - Ninja - Ghost) last night
  116. Attention pro-life wannabes
  117. Christian moral
  118. The body and the car
  119. Morality
  120. Anyone know the story about this POS?
  121. "The Transcendent Temptation"
  122. Laugh for Jebus
  123. Religious Diversity for Dummies!
  124. Biblical foreknowledge?!?!?!
  125. This is Why I Joined the AFA
  126. Attrocities committed in the name of religion
  127. Haywire Discussion
  128. Knock Here For Jehovah's Witnesses - All-purpose JW thread.
  129. Animal brain usage
  130. John Blanchard
  131. xians FAIL at irony
  132. Atheists can’t possibly understand the bible… You heard me!
  133. Fassbinder: The Compendium. LONG
  134. Alistair McGrath, Part 1: science, religion, and the secular society (long)
  135. Heaven Does Exist!
  136. Alistair McGrath Part2: the prospect of a godless society (also long)
  137. lingering astrology belief - confession and help sought
  138. That Woo You Used To Do
  139. Time Travelers that pop in and out of my life.
  140. Something for the messianic believers...
  141. 12 theses on religious freedom
  142. Trolling?
  143. The proof that FALSE is TRUE and FANTASY is REALITY using the "logic" of many theists
  144. Pastors Greetings
  145. I exist, therefore God exists! It's really very simple.
  146. Landover Baptist TV. Sinners visit us and rejoice!
  147. Pastor Nereu
  148. Discussion: genotype anomalies and health
  149. Merry Xmas: 3rd Time Lucky
  150. The Kookaburra Jack collection of historical hypotheses
  151. AFA Totalitarianism
  152. Intelligent Design- Arguments and Motives
  153. God, time, and the origin of the universe
  154. New view of science inspired by neither faith/atheism. Can you read it without bias?
  155. Physics lovers of the world unite and take over!
  156. New evidence raises doubts of the legitimacy of Shroud of Turin
  157. The basis of rationality
  158. QUANTUM theism
  159. An Atheist View of Fantasy Island Challenges by Believers
  160. Jesus Son Of God Allergic To Nuts! Haa Haaa!
  161. The proof that Hitler and Stalin were good guys
  162. Sumerians surprised by god creating the earth
  163. Would all religious folk kindly refrain from interfering with science please?
  164. A rational argument for the existence of god!!
  165. Greetings
  166. X Lamarcks The Spot! (Dredd calls scientists "Fundamentalist").
  167. Looks like we're all mass murderers!
  168. Religion vs Evolution and other absurdities
  169. Does Atheism Really Negate The Existence of a Soul?
  170. Richard Dawkins Believes in E.T.
  171. Currently unexplained death outside church
  172. Blessed be thy technology of salvation
  173. I just don't get it!
  174. What a load of (kosher) nonsense!
  175. The Spiritual Experience And Eventual Emergence Of ClayMonk
  176. My friend the christian...
  177. Discovering The Wingmakers
  178. "Naturalistic Reincarnation"
  179. Fear of death is irrational
  180. Religious Questions
  181. Zeitgeist
  182. Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Greetings, Etc.
  183. What The Memeplex Does
  184. Questions for Christians.....
  185. Theists and Forum Integrity.
  186. Insider Information on 'Religious' People
  187. Do you have faith in gravity?
  188. Why I don't believe in God.
  189. Richard and the Child
  190. Empirical Proof and Truth
  191. Have I Been Too Hasty in Denying Jesus?
  192. Act like a SALESPERSON
  193. Truthmission: matters of holy spirit baptism, etc
  194. "It's Medicine, Jim, But Not As We Know It"
  196. Have You Been Saved?
  197. The Greatest Hoax On Earth
  198. John832 - believer "by logic and evidence"
  199. Survery: Why do we believe what we believe?
  200. Going to head out
  201. I am no longer an atheist????Please help! :-)
  202. Hi from a believer interested in discussion
  203. The Million Gods Project
  204. CARM Christian Discussion Forums
  205. You may be harming others indirectly by identifying yourself as a member of religion
  206. Church is so sad.
  207. Return of the Heretic - Something ado about Nothing
  208. Science/Reality and the Bible
  209. Bgbarber thinks the terms "weak" and "strong" are incorrectly applied to atheists
  211. Hello from a muslim
  212. Anyone have handy Quran quotes?
  213. obi wan goati (or any other mod) - you are our only hope (seeking thread lockage)
  214. Residency Policy, or "Hello From A Subpontine Lifeform".
  215. “The Idea of Intelligent Design is Blasphemous”
  216. kabowdanan: science, belief, proof and an unattractive dog.
  217. Mental disorders and phobias of God
  218. The List.
  219. Abrahamic faith followers are not as moral as atheists!
  220. Jesus Was A Woman!
  221. God vs. Hitler
  222. God Created the Universe!
  223. For some reason, this doesn't seem right.
  224. Tips on arguing with athiests, sceptics and darwinists
  225. Why Does God Hate Animals?
  226. What If There's No Supreme Being?
  227. What is the point of believing in god if I am going to hell anyway?
  228. School's back soon...
  229. Ghost tours..
  230. Noah's Universal Flood: An Explanation
  231. The Bible Would Have More Credibility If...
  232. High and Mighty Priests
  233. What evidence would have you disbelieve in your god?
  234. A World Full of Gods
  235. Eternal Life
  236. The Whole Substitution Process
  237. Is God made of atoms?
  238. Aliens, Ancient Astronauts, and UFOs
  239. Heaven is Hotter than Hell
  240. Fantasy on Fantasy Island
  241. Bishop denies holocaust!
  242. Kind messages from intelligent and good and loving and tolerant theists
  243. Amish and Atheism ??
  244. Philosophical gibberish to fill void on FI
  245. Quick question about Genesis
  246. My questions answered
  247. RANT: Miracles Bloody Miracles!
  248. Noah's Ark - all Noah articles, two by two
  249. Former apologist de-converts