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  1. Bus Campaign
  2. Media Release Repression of expression
  3. MEDIA RELEASE: The Australian Atheist bus campaign in perspective
  4. Sydney Mardi Gras
  5. Atheists pursue second anti-discrimination case in Victoria
  6. David Nicholls and others on Radio Hong Kong
  7. Finally, Atheists’ slogans are on the buses!
  8. Annual General Meeting for the AFA
  9. Oz Atheist buses kaput?
  10. Preposterous Papal Pronouncements
  11. Joint NGO Statement on Danger of U.N. “Defamation of Religions” Campaign
  12. News flash!! Shock resignation of AFA president
  13. Faith no more - atheists in the city of churches
  14. Ridding the National Deficit
  15. A travesty of democracy
  16. Victory for free speech in Tasmania
  17. and we can't get one bus advert
  18. New AFA web site commendations
  19. Hitchins in Sydney
  20. Atheist signs to go on Tasmanian buses!
  21. AFA on The QUT Wire
  22. Can You Write a Letter to the Editor?
  23. Heard Jason Ball on 774 this morning
  24. Census 2011
  25. Darwin's Brave New World
  26. Australian Secular Lobby on Facebook
  27. Funding criteria
  28. Atheists Too Hot to Handle for Victorian Government
  29. Article in National Times (The Age and SMH)
  30. Book Clearance
  31. A Christmyth message
  33. Media Release: All aboard Tasmanian Buses!
  34. Happy Birthday Forum
  35. Haiti - Non-Believers Giving Aid
  36. AFA Bus Advertising Campaign moving ahead!
  37. Media Release: Sold Out!
  38. Atheism “On the Move” in Victoria
  39. Seeking verification of a claim made about AFA
  40. Global Atheist Convention – A mammoth success!
  41. Media Release: The Season of Fear
  42. Media Release: Propaganda from the pulpit
  43. Signed Poster from the Global Atheist Convention
  44. Ethics classes not "an attack on religion"
  45. Sydney Anglicans would deny families choice on ethics
  46. Submission -Tax Laws Amendment (Public Benefit Test) Bill 2010
  47. Announcing a new edition of the AFA book, "Atheos, Without God Down Under"
  48. "Let’s say goodbye to 'God' as we say goodbye to Kevin"
  49. AFA president appearing before a Senate Inquiry
  50. Senate Inquiry: Atheist Foundation President calls for accountability measures for re
  51. Atheist Foundation on Sunrise
  52. David Nicholls on ABC Brisbane Live
  53. Christians may ignore government policy proposals and vote based on religious beliefs
  54. "God’s Good News is Bad-News for Students"
  55. Debate “Religion Vs Atheism: Rationally proving the existence of God.”
  56. Papal Pulpit Propaganda
  57. Gaps in medical knowledge do not imply miracles
  58. Pell opens Christmyth slagging season early with usual cheap shot
  59. The Real Reason for the Season - A ChristMyth Tale
  60. David on 6PR now
  61. No More Legalised Discrimination
  62. The Punch
  63. Mark "No Religion" Campaign Begins - The 2011 Census
  64. The Godless Numbers Game - Dick Gross
  65. New website urges Australians to Keep Religion Out of Politics
  66. Interview on 2ser
  67. SYN Radio - Are Young People Becoming Less Religious?
  68. Vice President on Midday Report
  69. ABC Radio Melbourne
  70. AFA President interviewed on ABC Radio - No religion on the Census 2011.
  71. A Celebration of Reason - Global Atheist Convention 2012
  72. Jason Ball on Sunday Night Safran
  73. Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, Hitchens announced as speakers at 2012 GAC
  74. Religious slaughter ritual must be challenged
  75. Announcing the new Atheist Alliance International
  76. Atheists Refused Advertising Space Again!
  77. Billboards stating 'Mark No religion' hit capital city skylines
  78. 2GB now Sunday 26th June
  79. Census Campaign in the Media
  80. Membership renewal
  81. Census Reflections & Beyond
  82. Global Atheist Convention launches student grant initiative
  83. 2012 Global Atheist Convention, Tickets on Sale
  84. Congratulations on reaching 2,000 members
  85. AFA and GAC on Google+
  86. Well lived, Christopher – a tribute from the 2012 Global Atheist Convention
  87. Christopher Hitchens: the epitome of atheism
  88. High Court Challenge decision a victory for democracy
  89. Atheist Foundation President to "hangout" with the PM
  90. Media Release - Pandering to Stupidity
  91. Thank you Julia
  92. The Devil's Disease
  93. Blasphemy Laws – The United Nations is embarking on a dangerous path
  94. Australian Census – Altering the question on religion
  95. Submission to the Australian Bureau of Statistics – Changing the Australian Census qu
  96. Memories of the origin of ‘Christmyth’
  97. ATHEIST CENSUS – Numbers matter. Be counted.
  98. In Memory - Christopher Hitchens
  99. Merry Christmyth
  100. Happy New Year
  101. Media Release - Australia's Ever-Creeping Soft Theocracy
  102. Changing of the Guard
  103. Education and Employment Committee’s Inquiry into the Australia Education Bill 2012
  104. The Decline and Fall of the ‘Roman Empire’
  105. Governed by the religious gene
  106. Blasphemy is Bullshit
  107. Media Release: Warped – Thy Name is Religion
  108. Subsidising RU486 – Don’t agree? Then don’t use it.
  109. Farewell
  110. With God on their side: when religion and politics collide
  111. Comment: policy should be based on evidence, not faith
  112. Media Release: Coles funding chaplaincy Trojan Horse
  113. Homosexuality is no longer an abomination, says Penrith Christian School. Maybe ....
  114. New issue of the magazine is out
  115. Media Release: Charities Commission under Attack by Christian Lobbyists
  116. The Project
  117. Debating sex and the university
  118. Media Release: AFA Welcomes Victorian Inquiry Report
  119. ABS: Australian Social Trends Report, Nov 2013
  120. Media Release: A Lost Opportunity for Australia
  121. AFA on The Project tonight
  122. Media Release: "Pyne"ing for the sixteenth century
  123. AFA President on 2GB
  124. Media Release: "Come Heckle Christ" - Churches demand Censorship
  125. Media Release: Institutionalised Religious Practice in a Democracy?
  126. Media Release: Denying access to Access. A principal takes a principled stand.
  127. AFA Annual General Meeting
  128. Media Release: The Pell tolls for church sex abuse compensation
  129. AFA on 2GB 1/03/14
  130. Media Release: Budget crisis millions sent to chaplains in a Pyne box
  131. Brisbane Skepticamp
  132. Media Release: The Atheist Foundation of Australia welcomes the Williams decision
  133. Media Release: Is the Pope’s Halo Slipping?
  134. AFA at the Australian Fair for Freedom of Belief and Religion
  135. Richard Dawkins : An Appetite for Wonder
  136. Tanya Smith interviewed on Harmony in Diversity
  137. #CannoldAskDawkins
  138. Media Release: A few religious “barnacles” to be knocked off
  139. Media Release: Vale Stella Young
  140. M4 signage
  141. News Release: Atheist Billboard
  142. Media Release: A Cold Day in Hell for Reclaim Australia
  143. Eggs, bunnies and Jesus?
  144. Free ticket to see Robin Ince in Sydney
  145. Media Release: Hospitals are for Health Care
  146. Media Release: Diseases Don’t Respect Religious Belief
  147. Media Release: Diseases Don’t Respect Religious Belief - Update
  148. AFA News Quote: Creationist Film Funding
  149. Media Release: 2015 Budget Continues Chaplaincy Double-Dipping
  150. AFA President on 2GB
  151. Media Release: Congratulations Ireland
  152. Media Release: A lesson in NSW religious ethics?
  153. Media Release: Resisting Equality?
  154. Media Release: Jode Matthews Cancer and Family Appeal
  155. Media Release: A Positive Change to Victoria’s School Curriculum
  156. Media Release: A Tale of Two Cities
  157. Media Release: Losing (My) Religious Privilege
  158. Media Release: Syrian Refugee Crisis and Religion
  159. Media Release: Catholic adoption agency wants exemption from same-sex laws
  160. Media Release: Paris Attacks
  161. An Evening with Sam Harris
  162. Media Release: Dear Mr Turnbull - Godlessness is NOT the problem
  163. Welcome! Green suits you.
  164. Media Release: 40 Days For Harassment
  165. Media Release: More NSW Religious Privilege
  166. Media Release: Why Do Loving Christians Want Permission To Speak Hate?
  167. Media Release: Voluntary Euthanasia Deserves A Real Debate
  168. Media Release: Taking Andrew Hastie at his word
  169. Media Release: If there really was a God, perhaps he’d jog your memory?
  170. Mark No Religion - Census 2016
  171. Media Release: Safe Schools... for religious homophobia
  172. News: 2016 Annual General Meeting And Committee Changes
  173. Media Release: Where is your humility, Catholic Church?
  174. Media Release: Religious Charity! What Is It Good For? Absolutely... We Don't Know?
  175. Media Release: Here's A Question - Where's An Answer, Q&A?
  176. I Was On The Telly! (Sunrise, 7th May 2016 on Losing Faith With Mackay & Moffatt)
  177. Media Release: Rather than "Speaking Up", Try Listening
  178. Not Religious any more?
  179. AFA in the media
  182. Help needed
  183. Media Release: #Plebafail - AFA Rejects "The Summer Of Hate" Plebescite In Australia
  184. Media Release: Merry Non-believing Christmas From the AFA
  185. Media Release: It Could Happen Here. Don’t Let It.
  186. Media Release: 2018 Global Atheist Convention
  187. Media Release: Ayaan Hirsi Ali withdraws from 2018 Global Atheist Convention
  188. Media Release: Non-believers by far Australia’s largest single ‘religious’ group
  189. Submission: Queensland Law Reform Commission Review of Termination of Pregnancy Laws
  190. Submission: Religious Freedom Review Panel